Yoga Videos


Yoga for Self Care and Self Love

Our second yoga video in our Brittany Wilkerson for Project:Women series!

This is a slightly longer session than our previous “Travel Unravel”, and it features intention meditation and more active positions, to give you a satisfying workout and peace of mind.

Excellent for getting your day started off on a positive note, or winding down the day in a purposeful way.

See more at Brittany Wilkerson Yoga




“Travel Unravel”

This is the first video in our new yoga series by Brittany Wilkerson for Project:Women!

It’s short and sweet, just what you need to decompress after or during a long trip, or during a work break, or while the baby is napping, or just after you ate a chocolate peanut butter cup…




Our contributor Brittany Wilkerson introduces her new addition to Project:Women–  A custom Yoga series that she will offer on our blog starting in mid-June.  Brittany is a yoga teacher based out of Los Angeles, and she wants to share her love of yoga with us through her women-centered techniques.


If you have any questions or comments related to this series you can contact Brittany directly at:, or visit her website




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