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Monday Menagerie #36

Happpyyyyyy Earth Month (which in my opinion should be every month!!) I really hope that you enjoy this compilation of stories, articles and videos of women, families, companies and organizations that LOVE Mother Earth. On Earth Day, April 22nd 2016, let’s all commit to doing just a little more to help care for and respect this amazing planet that we call home. It’s truly up to us.

Monday Menagerie #18

This is my BADASS WOMEN ISSUE #1. This issue was inspired by a friend who was requesting information on how to help refugees.  I decided to dedicate this issue, and many more to come, to the women who are taking matters into their own hands, and making significant changes in the world where progress is desperately needed.  They are not waiting for someone else to do it, they are stepping up where not many others will.  Thank you badass women.  THANK YOU. I know we all know that some really horrible things are going on all over the world and one of the worst is what is happening to the human beings who are trying to escape war – torn villages and cities to find a better life for themselves and their families. Here are some details below to help you figure out what is really going on and ways to help. We can’t survive alone, we must depend and rely on one another. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON IN SYRIA WAYS YOU CAN HELP …