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When No Means Yes

At the time, I thought all of these situations meant that I was failing and falling and making the wrong decisions but now I see all of these “roads not taken” as the ones that led me here to a life that I am totally in love with (and falling more in love with everyday). I had to feel what DIDN’T work for me to find out what makes me soar.

Pursuing your Dreams and Taking Chances

  Blahhhhhh. 11 Jan. 2016 I had expected to write something full of thrill and excitement and joy for this month’s theme, but then I never end up writing about what I think I’ll write about. This morning I suffered a minor emotional breakdown. Overwhelmed.  To the max. Cried, hugged on my husband, and slowly started to feel better.  Life is freaking hard to deal with sometimes, no? To be honest, I should have expected it.  I had been so on my game the past few months.  Full of energy and positivity, multitasking like a bandito, staying up late and waking up early and getting. it. done.  But what I forgot is that at some point the great big Burnout will occur.  It’s inevitable.  In fact, it’s just simple math: Overwork + Lack of Sleep + Overstimulation in the form of Crazy-Whirlwind-Housecleaning/Reorganizing + Financial Stress = Emotional Meltdown waiting to happen. Add in a full dose of pregnancy hormones and whoooaaa buddy, look out.  (Funny side note on those hormones… throughout this pregnancy (5 months thus …

Masks We Wear, and Letting Go of Fear.

Hiding behind a mask.  It feels acutely relevant to me right now… Perhaps that’s why the art of Judith Henry grabbed onto me as it did.  I found her the other day (via my newsletter, of all earthly places) and instantly got a warm feeling from her work.  Mostly from her, but also from her artistic expression through these masks.  And looking at her creations made me feel this thing that’s been hiding beneath… I’m struggling with something.  Wrestling with this intangible concept of what it means to share oneself.  To reveal, strip nude, expose thyself.  How to find the balance between creative exposure and outright over-sharing.  But I’m not even there yet.. I’m stuck, penned in by the gate of Privacy and Self-defence, holding tight to my deeply-rooted trait of “keeping to myself”. What am I doing. I think it’s time to break down some walls. Many years ago, when I was in my early 20’s and figuring myself out, my dad said something to me that was heavy, profound: “People are like …