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Interview with artist Fiona Avocado

“One of my former comics instructors recently said something eluding to being an artist and cartoonist is like being a vampire, it is always going to be a part of you. I have always been creative, any time I try to do anything else, writing, journalism, community organizing, teaching, my art always intersects with that work…

Creative Forces – Inspiration, Bravery, and Making Time to Make

Creativity (noun): “The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.”

Oh, it sounds so simple doesn’t it? The use of the imagination… there are no rules, no boundaries, no foundation, no precedent… So why is it, then, that many of us become so disengaged with creativity once we grow up?

The Cozy Nook

Once there was a nice lady.
Her favorite place was the Cozy Nook.

The nook was a corner full of twinkle lights and office supplies, two of the lady’s favorite things. Early in the morning, she’d wake and go straight to the cozy nook. She’d draw and write and pray and ponder. And the time in the cozy nook would refresh her and fill her with wonder.

Monday Menagerie #30

Super Soul Sunday – Marianne Williamson I am starting this one off BIG! Watch the incredible “spiritual luminary” Marianne Williamson talk about spirituality in relationships. ¬†2016 is the year for me to commit to and follow my spiritual path and that means honoring my body, mind and soul so that they can be the strongest and healthiest of my life. ¬†I hope you enjoy (and need) this Super Soul Session as much as I did. If I think I am just one wave in the ocean, surrounded by this huge ocean, how can I not be terrified of the ocean, how can I not be terrified of other waves, how can I not think other waves are going to completely overwhelm me? But if I realize, I am one with the whole freaking ocean. I move, it moves‚Ķwe are a powerful thing and I have no problem recognizing my oneness with the ocean because therein lies my power. Syrian refugee children transform Iraqi prison with art I am not going to say much about this …

Also None

Also None I can be accused and not become. Feel guilt when had not done. Feel sadness and happiness that are not mine. Feel sadness and happiness that are mine but not me. Just passing through. I can drift and not swim. I can swim and not fight. I can fight and not die. I can die and not live. I can be wrong I know. But I’ve been right also. With what I knew at the time. But if there had been something I had not known at the time I was right perhaps I was wrong. Even then. Even now. I can be boy. I can be girl. I can be black. I can be white. I could go blue. I simply choose not to. Yet. I can be ready and not become. Feel proud when had not done. But as all of these which is me? All. And also None. * Photo by Lauren Lege

Monday Menagerie # 14

Our Monday Menagerie series was created so that we could curate stories from around the web that inspire, motivate, ignite, educate and entertain. I was so inspired by Tara Tona’s Instagram post a few days ago that I decided to make this week’s Monday Menagerie the “kind issue.” ¬†These stories are meant to be examples of how we can be more kind, where kindness and love are flowing right now and some stories so full of joy and beauty that you start to doubt that the “badness” even exists. I want to live each day as if things are getting better, not worse. Who’s with me?                     10 REASONS WHY INVESTING IN WOMEN AND GIRLS IS SO VITAL Let’s be kind to women, ya’ll. ¬†I mean seriously, why is it so difficult? ¬†If we could be a bit kinder to our women I think we would see a radical shift in the way people treat each other. It’s just my opinion but why don’t we give …

Listen: “Women in Clothes” Read Live

This glorious International Women’s Day I found myself listening to one of the best short stories I’d heard in a while, on the radio show Selected Shorts. It’s a book called Women in Clothes–and not really a short story but a compilation of true stories, almost like diary entries, from many different women of different backgrounds.¬† It’s about these women’s relationships with their garments, but also much more than that. The stories speak of concerns, insecurities, love, pride, comfort, hard work, toil, strife, gender identity, and even the power of a scented coat. What I love about these stories is they reveal Clothing as a language of communication. ¬†Attire that speaks to you, about you. ¬†Sartorial synchronization. ¬†What do the inhabitants of your closet do to your personality, your character, your mood? My two favorites: ¬†The story¬†Clothes on the Ground, a conversation with a Cambodian garment¬†worker. ¬†Simply and beautifully told, it made me appreciate my undergarments a great deal more. ¬†And This Person is a Robot¬†about a smell scientist who goes into an NYC coat …