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Fathers Share Their Thoughts and Advice

This past Father’s Day, we asked a question on our social media:  “What do you love about being a dad, and what advice would you give to a new father?” Here are the wonderful responses from our community of men…   What do I love about being a dad? Seeing your children discover the world with innocent eyes. The pure joy, kindness and humor they exhibit never cease to amaze me. It’s not all fun and games though. It is an adjustment. It is a complete change of life…once you are a dad, you will never again come first. You’ll get frustrated like never before. They’ll break your heart. But they’ll also inspire you, give you love that you never thought you’d experience, laughter like you’ve never had before, and give your life a new meaning!  – Joel Tesch   What I love most about being a dad is the unconditional love I receive everyday. My son Cooper Grant D’Ambrosio fills my life with laughter and love everyday and on occasion he adds to my gray …

May for Mothers

We are dedicating the month of May to mothers, and to kick things off we ask you our question of the month:   “What advice would you give to a new mother?” Are you a mother and would love to share some advice?  We want to hear it!  Post your written comments here on the blog, or post them on our Facebook page, or send in a video of yourself with your fabulous mama advice!  We can’t wait to hear all the words of wisdom you have to share.