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Jamey Hood’s 40th year of life — an exploration

All Together Now

“The night before my 40th birthday in July earlier this year, I set my alarm. I knew precisely what song I wanted to ease me into my extraordinary year of 40.

I had forgotten that the song starts with a few measures of a brassy and slightly drunken sounding version of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, but since I’ve spent the last 39 years conquering insecurity, fear, and doubt, a triumphant war song seemed more than appropriate….”

What Can Your Body DO?

I’ve spent too much of my thirties and twenties worried about what others think of my body. Is it thin enough? Is it too thin? Why do I have cellulite even when I’m almost fifteen pounds underweight?…ENOUGH! If you saw a picture of me, you’d likely want to punch me in the face! I’m lovely but more importantly, I’m healthy….”

There’s Still Time to Get Your Ritual On and Ten Extraordinary Observations for January!

We are off to a rocking start for this year’s wondrous project, “Extraordinary40!” In case you missed it, check out my post Beginning the Year With a Powerful Ritual. In a nut shell, the fabulous women of Project:Women and I are celebrating my year of turning 40 with monthly challenges geared towards “best-everness” and you are invited to join in the fun! January’s challenge was to complete your own super sacred ritual acknowledging and thanking 2015 and welcoming 2016 with enthusiasm and bravery! It’s not too late to perform this ritual and rock your gratitude! As promised, here are my answers to the sensory questions for 2015 as compared to how I wanted 2015 to be way back on New Year’s Eve of 2014! I’m so looking forward to next year when you, too, are able to compare your answers. What we might want and what we actually get can be surprising, funny, maybe disappointing, and often powerful. What did I want 2015 to smell like? The Ocean. But what did it actually smell like? PIZZA! (Okay.) …

Beginning the New Year with a Powerful Ritual

Do you love champagne? I do! Do you love to dance and party? Me, too, in my own adorable introverted way! Do you love to kiss cute people (or one very special cute person) at midnight? Yes, so do I! I love New Year’s Eve and I love our social traditions and rituals but I’ve created one of my own that I’ve been performing for most of the last decade and I’ve got to warn you, it’s pretty powerful. Before I share my step by step ritual with you so that you, too, can perform it, I want to tell you something personal about me. Come closer. Closer. Good. I’M TURNING FORTY IN 2016!!! What the heck does that have to do with powerful New Year’s rituals? Good question. I’ve been honing and shaping this ever-evolving ritual since the age of thirty-two when I basically hit zero and found myself starting completely over and now here I am on the cusp of a new year AND a new decade. Be it twenty, thirty, forty or …