Project:Women is an exploration into the beautiful, complex, wondrous world of women.


w h y   t h i s   s p a c e   e x i s t s . . .

To connect in the female human experience through sharing of personal stories, and events in real life.

To get to know smart, interesting women through original interviews.

To discover and share cool things— art, designs, products, companies, organizations, movements, etc.— produced by women.



W H O  W E  A R E


TARA TONA – Founder & Editor


JAMIE BULLOCK – Producer & Contributor


Jamie wants to enhance the world by working with non-profits and producing sustainable productions, independently made films, commercials, theatre and documentaries.  Her goals are to inspire, empower and unite people to see their true potential, help utilize their amazing talents and create content that inspires as well as entertains.  She has produced documentaries, television shows, web content, music videos, commercials and theatre for various production companies throughout Los Angeles and New York.  In 2004 Kevin Wheatley, Scott Wheatley, Cameron Pearce and Ryan Turi, 4 incredible filmmakers, invited her to help produce their passion project and they launched their production company, Threshold Productions.  Their first feature film was picked up for distribution and released theatrically and it is now available on DVD and On Demand.  One of her most gratifying projects to date was working as the segment producer for Stand Up To Cancer, a benefit lead by the astounding Laura Ziskin at Sony Pictures.

She currently serves as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Mobile Baykeeper in Mobile, AL.  She interfaces with the public and works to expand existing and cultivate new relationships with local groups, organizations and individuals.  She also helps to develop and lead programs to educate the community on the Mobile Bay Watershed to ensure everyone has clean water, clean air and lives in a healthy community.

Jamie is also a Production Supervisor and East Coast Rep for EcoSet Consulting, LLC , whose work with clients that include Target, Samsung, Subaru and Campbell’s has diverted over 400 tons of materials from landfills.  They are hired by advertising clients to help reduce the environmental impact on their commercial sets and events by composting, recycling and donating all remaining wardrobe, set and Art Department materials to artists, teachers and non-profits throughout the community

Jamie is passionate about producing content that inspires, motivates and enhances lives through media.  She is ecstatic to be teaming up with Tara Tona to produce Project:Women and see this incredible vision, to connect and inspire women throughout the world, realized.



Brittany Wilkerson bio picBrittany Wilkerson is a yoga teacher (RYT 500) and an actress who splits her time between Los Angeles and Atlanta. She is deeply passionate about encouraging self care, self love, self acceptance, and positive body image through the practices of yoga, meditation, and creativity/art. She has taught yoga throughout the country at studios like Liberation Yoga (“Top 20 Yoga Studios in the World” – Travel and Leisure), hotels, corporations, schools, eating disorder facilities, and with individual clients. She completed her 200-hour training at Liberation Yoga and her advanced training through a mentorship with renowned teacher Annie Carpenter (SmartFLOW). Brittany cherishes the sisterhood which exists between women of all ages and believes in the power we females have to join forces to make the world a better place for all. She is overjoyed to be a part of Project:Women, a place where we celebrate both the gift of our togetherness and the uniqueness of each woman. She believes that as we embrace the messiness of life and learn to be a little gentler and lighter with our own selves, we support and heal the girls and women around us. Some of Brittany’s other favorite things include cooking, improvising, comedy, wine, and writing. Brittany will be sharing yoga/meditation videos for Project:Women as well as contributing to the written blog. Learn more about her current projects at www.brittanywilkerson.com and www.brittanywilkerson.yoga.


KRISTIN TONA – Contributor

Kristin T 2015Above everything I love to be at home with my husband and my two wild children. I currently work as a full time human jungle gym and a part time potty trainer. My family recently moved to Hawaii and I find something about this whole new culture completely liberating. It is an entirely different environment than what I have been accustomed to and I absolutely love it. I want to travel the world now more than ever.. this planet has endless amounts of information to soak up and it is just waiting for me to absorb it. I have great days and hard days like everyone else but I can always find relaxation in a good run or a beautiful hike. Working on crafts around the house is my favorite hobby, I enjoy a good book on the beach (hopefully with an ice cold beer), and I can watch an entire television series on Netflix in one night and still wake up to make scrambled eggs for my kids at the crack of dawn – now that is a skill!