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A short list of great podcasts, and other listens…

Good things to watch and hear.


Here are some fantastic women I’ve been listening to while I work from home lately (cleaning, sewing, doing absolutely endless laundry.. mostly that kind of work).   Sometimes these very solitary activities make me feel a bit lonely, and it can be a difficult thing to escape.  One way I fight those feelings is by listening to hour after hour of spoken words– audiobooks, TED talks, podcasts, radio interviews, etc.  It’s medicine for the mind.


T E D  T A L K S . . .


👆 “How to make hard choices”, Ruth Chang

This was recommended to me by my friend J, with whom I share the character trait of exceptionally long, intense self-mind-debates over both small and large life choices.  It’s a great listen, especially if you’re in the midst of a difficult decision-making process.


👆 “This deep-sea mystery is changing our understanding of life”, Karen Lloyd

SO fascinating and also uplifting– fascinating because it’s about mysterious marine microbes, which is just so cool, and uplifting because it’s the polar opposite of all the political noise in the news every day.  (This is the kind of stuff that allows me to take a BIG breath– the world is still ok, there are cool women scientists and cool marine microbes just doin’ their things out there.  The world is still ok.)


👆 “How to raise successful kids– without over-parenting”

Relatable and not at all preachy, Julie Lythcott-Haims puts her finger on some very big issues that children are facing today, and how a parent can identify the “check-listed childhood” and hopefully avoid it.


👆 “Why Women Should Tell the Stories of Humanity”, Jude Kelly

Founder of WOW (Women of the World festival), Jude Kelly doesn’t mince words about her views on the female perspective through history, both recent and distant.  I love what she has to say about the story of Hamlet.


O N  Y O U T U B E . . . 

👆“Sarah Pascoe on Animal:  Autobiography of a Female Body”

I opened YouTube and searched “autobiography women“, and this came up at the top.  I’d never heard of Pascoe or her book, and I listened to this entire interview while intermittently pausing it to vacuum under and around my desk (didn’t want to miss any part!)  It’s 53 min 19 sec. long and I was wishing for more… great listen.


P O D C A S T S . . .


Woman’s Hour from the BBC

“The programme that offers a female perspective on the world”.  Presented by hosts Jane Garvey and Jenni Murray.  I love this show. I stumbled upon it when I searched for Lena’s show “women of the of hour” to check if she had any new episodes (sadly, no) but I misspelled “women” as “woman” and up came this. They delve into such a wide variety of womanly and worldly topics, and also feature some fun interviews.



SO good, so warm and groovy and inviting and yet also makes you think.  Helga Davis hosts this interview series, and she is full of comforting/smart woman-vibes.  (listen to episodes with Hilton Als and Sarah Jones, both are excellent.)




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