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Monday Menagerie #42

“I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward”

Charlotte Brontë

N E W S . . . New location of The Wing announced in SoHo

If you haven’t heard of it yet, The Wing is a new women’s club/workspace based in NYC.  The kind of place you see pictures of and get all squirmy in your chair because it’s soooo pretty to look at, and you just feel the groovy woman-vibes emanating from the images.  It first opened its doors less than a year ago, and already has expanded to three new locations:  DUMBO in Brooklyn, Washington D.C.,  and now SoHo.

Want a Wing in your town?  Tell ’em here.

Below, pictures from my Wing newsletter of the cool 3-D paper model (by artist Lorraine Nam) of the newest location…

 N E W S . . . Lenny Letter now has Lenny books!

Lenny has just released their first book title through their new imprint with Random House, read an excerpt here.

C R E A T I V I T Y . . . Female Artist Metalsmiths Unite

Pretty and strong metal creations by four women… (I like the pierced silver bowl)

Juliette Bigley, Ane Christensen, Rebecca de Quin, Simone ten Hompel and Adi Toch are five metalsmiths from culturally diverse backgrounds. Living and working in London, they “share the language of metal and a love of making objects”.  All of their practices explore hollow forms through the lens of their own personal heritage and the particularity of their making.

via Creative Boom

A R T . . .  Carol Milne’s knitted wonder

This woman knits glass.  I have no idea how that works but jeez how cool.

via The Jealous Curator

R E A D . . .  “Back Again” by Holly Blues

The most recent lovely piece from one of my favourite reading blogs– full of warm,  simple words that feel like a friendly embrace.  (And her photography has some kind of pure magic to it.)

D E L I G H T F U L L N E S S . . .  A farewell to Gems 

Just wander around this blog, you will get wonderfully lost in time.  It’s one of those somewhat rare internet black holes that leaves you feeling positive and happy after getting lost in, like you spent your time well no matter how long you were there.

Gems was/is a blog created by Mallory McInnis, and which regularly featured the most delightful object/theme compilations, old film stills (perfectly captured screen shots), and various pretty things to look at and be inspired by.

I’ve just discovered she will no longer be updating her blog (which makes me quite sad), but it will hopefully continue to exist in its suspended state forevermore.

(link above is to one of her old 2012 posts about Mountains, which just feels nice to look at right now.)

all images below via Gems.


Crazy/funny Artwork at top:  Vikki Chu (discovered via Gems, of course)




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