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From my window I can see…

Tuesday, July 11, 6:29am, Haskovo, Bulgaria.

Sounds and sights from the balcony…



A row of black socks on a clothes line

One red wall amongst brown

The sound of pigeon feathers, flapping wings

A sheet with yellow and white stripes stretched out to dry

Underwear on the line

Scaffolding 8 stories high


A rooster crowing (just one… now two)

The morning sun casting light upon the buildings to the West


Cars driving

A dog barking

A baby crying

A white cat

Another dog barking

A house painted bright red

An orange towel

Flowers upon a balcony

A hatchback car the color of an 80’s spandex suit

Many, many television satellites

Haze in the distance

Another dog barking, or the same as before

Constant motion

Endless sounds





Photo- my own

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