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It’s over.

The thick fog has lifted from our heads and finally we can see clearly again.  Amazing what a difference just a day makes.

November 9th was a day of mourning for those of us who voted against Mr. Trump.  As for me, I was in shock, then in awe, then in shock again, then in a coma for most of the day.  The entire day was spent hunched over my computer/cell screens attempting to make sense of what had happened.  The grieving process felt visceral, and important.  Just allowing myself to sink into the sadness and confusion felt like a release in itself.  Allowing myself to acknowledge how bad I had wanted Hillary to win, and how repugnant a future with Donald at our helm seemed.


Today is a new day.  And actually by late afternoon yesterday, I already had begun to feel a confidence and spirit bubbling up inside of me.  I realize now that it was insuppressible.  That verve and bright fiery spirit is insuppressible in all of us who demand more of our existence, who do not settle, who aim for goodness in the world, who desire to achieve great things for ourselves and those around us, who do not trample on the lives of others in order to advance our own position, who love, and accept, and are open-minded and clear-viewed and thoughtful and expressive and complex and unique and DIVERSE.  THIS IS WHAT I STAND FOR.

And this is what I will fight for, and work for, and live for.

Let us rally.  Let us move onward together, let us UNITE.  Let us be kindred spirits and let us be kind and decent and rational and move through this world with love in our hearts and on our tongues.  And that includes embracing the man who is our new president.  He is human too, as flawed as any of us.  I’m sick of the hatred and intolerance, whether from the opposing side or from ourselves.  Let’s do something worth doing, and worth living for.

I had no intention of writing a finely crafted piece today, which this obviously isn’t.  This is just flow, unedited and raw.  I’ve nothing more to hide.  No reason to hide.  I will be meek no more.



Photo at top:  Joan of Arc.  I chose this image very deliberately.  Despite the fact that Joan of Arc (so far as we can tell from historical recordings) went to battle in the Hundred Years War as a result of having visions of saints while standing in her father’s garden (hallucinogenic plant ingestion perhaps..?), she was indeed a brave warrior who fought boldly, was captured by the enemy, burned at the stake at age 19, subsequently found not guilty for her charges, and posthumously canonized as a saint.  I believe she is an icon for feminine bravery and strength, and her story and the images of her in battle are really quite inspiring to me.  

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