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Why I am Voting for HRC

I am voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton because…

She is a badass

She talks about the issues

She doesn’t give a F**K about what the other side says about or thinks of her

She is a fighter

She CARES about people, families and children

She makes mistakes

She keeps on fighting

She has incredible experience leading and supporting leaders

She has been working her whole life for this moment

She is open

She can see situations from all sides because has been on all sides

She has lived like the average American and has built herself into a world leader

She is supported by Barack Obama

She is supported by Michelle Obama

She has the support of every single person that I think is smart and cool and talented

She supports all the things that I care deeply about…protecting Roe vs. Wade, smarter gun laws so that we can stop killing one another in senseless acts of violence, saving humans and the earth from our growing negative environmental impact, education reform, prison reform, giving every single child a chance to get the education she/he deserves, preserving equality so that each human can live the way she/he feels the most like themselves and experiences the greatest freedom, affordable healthcare for all, immigration reform so that we are balancing taking care of ourselves as well as those who desperately need our help, tax reform so that the money in this country can be more evenly distributed and the 1% at the top are helping to support those who didn’t have the same opportunities they were given.


Yes, I am supporting Hillary for a lot of reasons but one of the main reasons I am supporting her is because she is a strong, strong woman.  It IS TIME for a woman to be leading this country. Women are nurturing, smart, strong, tough, caring and they know how to surround themselves with the right people. I admire her strength and have no idea how the heck she can take so much abuse.  She is determined to lead this country, why else would she stay and endure all the intense negativity being thrown her way?  I would have broken down a long time ago but she keeps moving forward with grace and confidence and this undying spirit to win this thing.  I am SO PROUD to be a democrat.  I love loving the things I care about because I believe in my heart that all the things I stated above are for the betterment of mankind and will lead to a more peaceful world.  Call me a hippie, call me a socialist, I simply want to see us be kinder to our fellow humans, the animals that share this earth with us, the earth itself, and most importantly, ourselves.  I want us to live together trusting God and the Universe that there is enough to go around and that we are ALL here for some grand and beautiful purpose.  That’s the kind of world I want to live in, and I want my children to live in, and I feel HRC will continue the work my hero, Barack Obama, started to get us there!

I am spending my day today, election day, praying that we continue moving forward and don’t take one GIANT leap backwards.  If for some sad reason we do, I will spend my time searching for and gathering the people who want to start a revolution…for a more peaceful world.  And because of this divisive, polarizing, and toxic election, I think they are going to be a lot easier to find.


“If you vote for Hillary Clinton you are a grown up, if you vote for Trump you are a sucker, if you don’t vote at all you are an asshole.” –  Louis CK


Photo (at top) of the artist Olek with her entirely crocheted Hillary “billboard”, via The New Yorker

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