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Podcast Episode #6 – Guns, Politics, and Immigration

This is the last episode of our two-part series, “How to Talk About Controversial Issues”, and also… Our final episode of Season 1!  

In this episode:  Guns, Politics, and Immigration.  Jamie shares a personal story about gun violence, and we talk about 2nd Amendment rights.  In Politics, we discuss the two female candidates– Jill and Hillary— and what we like/dislike about their platforms (including a brief discussion on abortion), and also address our personal opinions about the Opponent.  In Immigration, we focus on Syrian refugees and Jamie shares a social media movement to help bring awareness to the realities of what these people deal with.  As always, our conversation is followed by Cameron, (our Male Liaison) giving us his POV, and finally Jamie and I challenge each other with tough questions and jam out to a darn great track of music.

We hope you have enjoyed our podcast, any part you may have listened to.  Thank you to all who have joined us on our journey!  We’re stoked to come back for season two next year… stay tuned 🙂

👇 👇  Listen Here!  👇 👇

Theme music by Jnuary (aka, Jeremy Bullock… Thank you amazing wonderful Jeremy!!!)

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Writer, mother, business owner, and amateur photographer (aren't we all these days?) I love learning how people think about life, what drives us, and what makes us feel alive.

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