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Podcast Episode #5 : Black Lives Matter and Extremist Violence

“This is a doozy

Episode #5 is part one of our two-part series called, “How to Talk About Controversial Issues”, and in this episode we explore Black Lives Matter and Terrorism.  I think Jamie described this episode perfectly with that one remark… it’s definitely a doozy.

In this episode:  A discourse on what Black Lives Matter really means, and how we, as white women/people, should talk about it and what our responsibility is to it.  Then we talk about ISIS/ISIL– what makes a person turn to such violence, and what if we approached radicalized individuals with love?  We wrap the conversation section with a few words on gun violence (which we will explore deeper in episode 6).  Next we hear from Cameron, our “Male Liaison”, to get his take on the issues at hand, and finally we end with some lighthearted yet terrifically challenging pop-quiz questions!  And music!  Great music!!  We hope you’ll love it.

👇 👇  Listen Here!  👇 👇

Theme music by the wondrously talented Jnuary.

Stay tuned for our forthcoming episode #6, in which we will discuss Gun Violence, Politics, and Immigration. 😬!!


Your feedback means a whole whole lot.  Drop us a comment or email if you have any thoughts to share.  Tara@thisisprojectwomen.com


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