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Podcast Episode #4 – “Fathers and Inspirational Men”



We are sharing episode #4 of our podcast today!!  We recorded this episode in June, which feels like forever ago, but the content within is timeless and is sure to offer a pleasant respite from the mania of the current political news stream.

This episode was dedicated to “Fathers and Inspirational Men”, and in it we discuss some things we love about the special men in our lives, and why they are so important to us.  Then, in our Monday Menagerie segment, we share some cool discoveries that involve men as creators, including recycled sea plastic transformed into shoes, compost pedaling, a man bringing homelessness to light through his art installations, and the man behind Vivian Maier.  We wrap up with our “Male Liaison”, Cameron Pearce, putting in his 2 1/2 cents about the important men in his life, and finally, Jamie and I ask each other some terrifically compelling questions of one another.

The photo above is from our actual recording session of this episode… Jamie and I and my then 6-week-old baby (under the blanket!), sitting in a tiny corner of my deck that seemed to have the most “sound proofing”, chasing away a swarm of mosquitos with organic bug spray, and basically having a hoot of a time just making it happen however we could.  Memorieeeees are made of this… 😀

👇 👇   Listen Here!  👇 👇

(may take a brief moment to load, patience is golden ain’t it?)

Our fabulous podcast theme music is by:  Jnuary



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