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Monday Menagerie #41

I’ll be honest.  There are some weeks that I’m not super stoked about writing my Monday Menagerie.  Because sometimes I find a flowering bouquet of glorious things-a-happening that I just can’t wait to share; other times there are just too many stories that make me sad to be a human.  Or just irritated as heck.

Ah, such is life.

There’s always cool, good, happy stuff out there, somewhere.  My mix of finds today is quite small, but it’s made with love nonetheless. 🙂




via the internet

I N T E R V I E W:  Lena Dunham/Amy Schumer

A funny, witty, lighthearted interview that subsequently got slammed by the “outrage machine” (quote, Lena Dunham) of Twitter.  Such an appropriate term for what I would call “humans with ZERO sense of humor”.  What happened was, Lena made a funny joke in the interview about an experience she had, and then a whole bunch of people who read the interview got angry at her for making the joke.  Then Huffington Post published a highly typical article detailing the incident.  I won’t even include a link to said article because it doesn’t deserve to be linked.

Rather, just read the interview, and hopefully you’ll have as good a laugh as I did.




via Gawker

N E W S:  Gawker shut down.

If you frequented Gawker, then you already knew this.  I never read Gawker, but found out about  its sad, albeit tragically fascinating, demise via my favorite alt. news outlet Monocle 24.  I’m sharing it here because after just reading the last 3 posts from this once powerhouse of the social internet world, I realized how profound the entire situation was.  The article I’ve linked is a long one, but it’s worth reading as much as you can, and then the very last line.  Powerful.




via npr Invisibilia

P O D C A S T:  “Flip the Script”

This recent episode from Invisibilia is SO SO SO GOOD, I feel like it should be listened to by every governmental group in the world.  The main story is one that could quite literally change the reality of the ISIS-infected society we live in today.





via artist’s website

A R T:  Lucy Sparrow

Oh I do adore felt art!!  Lisa Sparrow went above and waaaay beyond anything I’ve ever seen– in terms of volume– and set up an entire “corner shop” full of handmade felt goodies.  Everything is made of felt!  It’s like a childhood fantasy (except the candy is non-edible.  Darn.)  She has designed an array of other felted-up objects of everyday life, some are much more in-yo-face than this shop of sweets!






via esme grey designs

S H O P:  Esme Grey Designs

Just discovered this lovely British online boutique, full of the kind of dreamily minimalist items I wish I could constantly surround myself by.  (The artwork above is sold in the shop.  I. Want. It.)



C O M M U N I T Y:  Love Thread Project

A beautiful project that was sent my way from my friend Eliza, who lives in Perth where this organization took seed.  Love Thread Project works with women in Bali to produce sustainable garments which are then sold throughout Australia, thereby both supporting female workers and a healthy, eco-concious method of fashion production.

“Love Thread Project is a social enterprise providing a collaborative platform for social change through fashionable ventures. Our vision is to use fashion, and the creative industry as a whole, to combat social injustice for women at risk.”

Shared by Elizabeth Parker





P O L I T I C S:  Women Trump Trump

Take a closer look at that bus.  Aha…





Featured image (at top) by: Katie Batten

All reviews written and opinions expressed are the author’s own. “Shared by [name]” – Refers to the person who shared the link to the original piece featured here.

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