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A Thank You Letter To A Few Good Men


Thank you for…


Being my first true love.

Sharing your birthday with me.

Setting the example that all the other men in my life now have to live up to.

Showing me how a real man treats his family, his work, his friends and the people around him.

Giving me my love of organizing, bags, a good deal, animals and a super strong work ethic.

Being so excited about the little things in life and passing that excitement on to your family.

Saying “I love you” a lot while I was growing up and to this day.

Singing and playing guitar for me, making me feel like a star and introducing me to Bad, Bad Leroy Brown and Neil Diamond.

Providing the kind of love, security and happiness that every little girl dreams of.

Helping me to see and believe that I was meant to do great things and could accomplish anything I wanted in this lifetime.

Not ever losing your creativity and passing that onto Jer and I.

Buying Jeremy his first guitar.

Giving me that shoulder to cry on when my world felt like it was crashing down and always letting me know that no matter what, my Daddy would be there to love me and support me through all of my ups and downs.

You are an incredible man, an incredible father, a hero and a saint in my eyes and I truly don’t think I could love you more. I am beyond blessed to call you my Dad.

Thank you for you, Daddy.


Thank you for…


Being born (even though I wasn’t happy about it at first).

Making us laugh from the time you could talk.

Cleaning up after me during parties I was throwing while I was suppose to be babysitting you.

Not hating me when I was a mean older sister.

Being such a cool kid for all of my friends to be around.

Taking risks and knowing the perfect time to pick up that guitar.

Finding your identity and calling and not shying away from it.

Playing Young Pippin (and being so freaking good).

Staying on stage with me as I danced my final dance on the stage at Millbrook.

Being a part of my college life and creating an incredible experience of your own.

Living in Los Angeles and allowing us to make super cool memories together.

Being a rock star.

Continuing to prove to be THE most genuine, loving, caring, hilarious, kind, talented and compassionate guy (people!) I have ever met…and you are my brother!!!

You are one-of-a-kind, Jer-Boy, and I am SO FREAKING GRATEFUL for you. “Be sweet!”


Thank you to all of the men who have impacted my life: my boyfriends, my best friends, my teachers and my mentors. Thank you to the fellas who broke my heart, which in so many ways made me stronger. Thank you for the life lessons, the tears, the smiles, the growth, and the encouragement. I owe so much to all of you because, as individuals, who we become is built from our relationships and the people whom we share intimacy and love with. You all laid the foundation, loved me, pushed me, challenged me, sometimes made me cry but ultimately gave me wings and I love each and every one of you for it.


Thank you for…


Saying yes to a weekend in Ashville with two of your best buds and being ok if some random person named Jamie that you didn’t know tagged along.

Hugging me on the dance floor under a very wet tarp on a rainy night in the mountains.

Whisking me away on our first date.

Taking a chance, flying to Los Angeles and launching our love story.

Being so patient and kind.

Being so loving.

Saying YES to a lifetime of adventure.

Taking the reigns and taking such good care of me.

Loving me.

Teaching me.

Creating a life with me.

Inspiring me every dang day.

Staying so committed to your personal growth.

Taking on challenge after challenge and ROCKING each one of them.

Creating such a loving and healthy partnership.

Being so good for me and to me.

Paul Hottie, you are a dream come true and I love you.



Art by Liliana Gelman

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  1. Tara Tona says

    Even if I didn’t have the honor of knowing these truly wonderful, remarkable men you write about here, I would still love this piece so very much. Your words resonate the love and respect a woman can have for the men who help shape her life, and how very lucky we are to have them in our lives!


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