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Monday Menagerie #38



A collection of stories and videos that hopefully make you want to stand up and cheer for all of the crazy cool women out there making a difference and making it a fantastic time to be alive!



P O E T R Y: This Powerful Spoken Word Poem Celebrates Heritage And Self-Love

“It’s easy to say ‘I want to sound and be like what’s perceived as the majority population’ but once I realized that what I was doing was rejecting the richness of my culture, I was able to find ways to begin celebrating and loving myself.”

Oh hell yes!!



P O L I T I C S: Meet the 30 women who will change the election

I don’t know about you but I really need some hope in this election and these women are doing it for me.



M U S I C: Michelle Obama And Kelly Clarkson Team Up For New Female Empowerment Anthem

“First Lady Michelle Obama commissioned Kelly Clarkson, Missy Elliott, Diane Warren, Zendaya, Janelle Monae, Lea Michele, Kelly Rowland, Jadagrace and Chloe & Halle to join forces for a song about female empowerment. It’s titled “This Is for My Girls,” and produced by AOL’s MAKERS, a digital platform showcasing the stories of women.”

T E A R  J E R K E R: Girl With A Prosthetic Leg Overjoyed To Get A Doll That Has One, Too

This video has been all over social media this past weekend and it totally got me so I had to share.  What a beautiful expression of love!





E C O  F A S H I O N: Juhi Shareef ‘Why fashion needs sustainable development’

“Basic rules to avoid fast (disposable) fashion purchases:





E N T E R T A I N M E N T: Wonder women: the new breed of feminism sweeping Hollywood

Australian producer Bruna Papandrea joins the gender equality debate and explains how women have dropped the “lady ball”.

“We feel that women need to make a pointed effort to give other women opportunities to realise their full potential. Men have no qualms about helping out their male counterparts – giving an extra legup to a friend – it’s part of their buddy system. Women need to get on board and promote the idea that one woman getting a job doesn’t take it away from another. When one woman gets a job, it opens doors for others, and we should continue to hold open those doors for each other. It’s the gentlewomanly thing to do.”



photograph by Beth Murphy via

photograph by Beth Murphy via

E D U C A T I O N: One U.S. woman’s vision is changing the lives of girls in rural Afghanistan


“Afghanistan has the highest gender disparity in primary education in the world, and girls from poor rural families are the least likely to go to school. Estimates suggest just four percent of such girls complete their primary education. But for girls in Deh’Subz district, there is a ray of hope. Behind it is Afghan native Razia Jan, founder of the Massachusetts-basedRazia’s Ray of Hope Foundation.”





Jane Goodall is a true heroine and leads the fight everyday for our animals and our planet…and I just think this interview in simple and powerful! I hope you do too!



Illustration by Jean Gouders

Illustration by Jean Gouders

A R T: Cartoonist Reimagines World Where Girls Haul Books, Not Water

“Across the globe, women and girls in developing countries spend an estimated 200 million hours every single day collecting water in areas where potable H2O isn’t available.

That means they’re more susceptible to developing physical ailments such as spinal and neck issues. They’re also more likely to miss out on work and educational opportunities.

When it comes to schooling, there’s a direct correlation between increased access to clean water and higher enrollment rates.”

P O E T R Y: Poet, 12, from the slums of Nairobi enthralls crowd in New York City with tearful words

“Most of the kids in Kibera are raped, some are neglected by their parents, some are homeless,” she said, fighting back tears after the performance. “Most of them have dreams, but they don’t know how they can achieve them, so I had to write a poem that tells them that they can achieve their dreams.”





T E C H N O L O G Y: 6 Women Coders Who Are Advancing Gender Equality

“According to a American Association of University Women study, only 26 percent of computing and mathematical jobs in the United States are held by women. And according to a survey called Elephant in the Valley, which was conducted by two women who have worked in Silicon Valley, 60 percent of women in tech have been sexually harassed at work, and 84 percent have been told they’re too aggressive.

Here are some women who have not only risen above these challenges but also lifted other women up with them.”


C O U R A G E: Hello Luv Is The Kurdish Pop Diva Who Has ISIS Going Crazy

Shared by Alaina Latona



Featured image (at top) by: LisaFerranteStudio 

All reviews written and opinions expressed are the author’s own. “Shared by [name]” – Refers to the person who shared the link to the original piece featured here.



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