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To My Two

In one short week I will be starting my first day of a brand new job – my first job.

I decided in the fall to quit my work as a full time mom and go back to school.  I worked hard and now I am here..  But can I do this?  Can I be a perfect parent and work full time?  How will I find time to cook?  I am arranging child care for my children and the emotions have been running through me at lighting speed.  Gracious for the opportunity to pursue my dream.  Terrified that I won’t be able to spend the amount of time with my children that we’ve been accustomed to.  I feel stubborn because I refuse to skimp on the quality of schools that my kids will attend.  Nervous because.. well we all know that our “first day” anywhere is frightening.

But then I tell myself to STOP.
Stop freaking out.  Stop stressing.

I think about my own mother; an incredible woman who raised three kids on her own.  As a single mom, she made every sacrifice that she could in order to put us in the very best schools.  She pushed herself to be the hardest working woman all the while still being the best mother that she could be. My mom will do anything for her children.  If you are feeling down, she will break out in song and dance in the middle of a grocery store just to make you laugh.  I think of her, and I smile knowing that she is the perfect balance of business and motherhood.  She works hard for what she has, and I feel proud to call her mine.  Now with children of my own I have an enormous respect for the way she paralleled her career with her home.  With dinner on the table every night, although sometimes microwaveable, we grew up spoiled as ever with love and security.  With her as my role model and my speed dial when I feel frantic, I know that I can do this.  I can hear her telling me, “You’ve got this, baby.”

I am lucky to have my super momma cheering me on, but throw my perfect mother-in-law in the mix and I have unconditional support.

She is a woman who has raised eight children for the last 29 years and counting.  She wakes up at the crack of dawn to cook, clean, and chauffeur her kids to school and practices.  Every meal is hand-made from scratch and love right in her kitchen.  I have learned all of my cooking tricks from her.  She has taught me how to be kind and patient despite the lack of sleep most mothers suffer from.  She has become one of my closest friends and I call her often when I need advice.  I admire her so greatly.  Always putting others before herself, she truly is the most selfless woman I have ever met.

I am in awe of my mother for being the working woman I aim to be and I treasure my mother in law for being my role model in parenting.  On one end I have a mother driven by work and on the other end I have a mother driven by her home.  I have the perfect balance – I have two perfect moms.  I love you both.

I can do this.

To you two, I thank you.



Featured Images:  Vintage, photographers unknown.


  1. Tara Tona says

    I love how you’ve captured so much in so few words… those deep-seated worries of a mother separating from her children (I cried so much on my daughter’s first day of preschool!!), and then this beautiful balance between your two mothers. It just illustrates how no matter what kind of mother one has– the working kind or the stay-at-home kind– she can have an equally remarkable and loving impact on your life!


  2. Kristin! Wow! I love this and how lucky are you to be blessed with not one but two incredible moms that you look up to, learn from and aspire to be. Yes I don’t know you well but YOU GOT THIS! From the way Tara talks about you I know you to be a super mom as well. We are pulling for you. Thank you for who you are, what you are accomplishing and how you teach us all. Oh and thanks for sharing your amazing words. Big love.


  3. Kristin, such a beautiful tribute. I’m excited for you as you start your adventure! I know you will draw upon the strengths of both “moms,” as you continue to love your babies and follow your dream! And I know your mom and mothe- in-law are touched by your words and proud of your actions. You got this! xo


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