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Purge and Splurge

Oh, friends! I had really good intentions. In my March post You, Too, Can Lose Twenty Pounds in One Afternoon, I lost 21 pounds of old clothes and shoes that don’t suit me anymore and only kept the things I love. For two weeks I had quite a minimal wardrobe.

It was such a successful purge that I didn’t see the splurge coming. Yikes!

Here are my ten #ex40 observations for minimal March.

  1. Purge: It’s not easy to navigate winter in NYC with only one pair of pants.
  2. Splurge: So I bought a pair of trousers. Love them!
  3. Purge: Comfy clothes plus really nice dress up clothes equals no business casual clothes.
  4. Splurge: Hence the, count them, four button down tops to go with my trousers.
  5. Purge: Many jackets went bye bye. I ended up with two lovely wool coats, one super warm puffy coat and this sassy jacket that I love.
  6. Splurge: But haven’t I always wanted a trench coat with a hood? Found one!
  7. Purge: It only takes a couple of minutes to wash a pair of underwear by hand. (Remember I came down to only 5 pairs of undies.)
  8. Splurge: The one thing I intended to buy, I haven’t! I still only have five pairs of undies. I just think that’s funny. Hey, I’m not bringing it into my closet unless I LOVE IT! The underwear selection of the world has failed to impress me.
  9. Purge: The good news is that I haven’t missed or regretted letting go of one item I purged. Not. One.
  10. Splurge: I’m loving all of the business casual clothes I bought. Even with the new items my wardrobe continues to be slim and practical; my drawers present only a few delightful choices and for an actress, only having ten pairs of shoes is nothing short of miraculous!

As far as embracing my forties with only things that I love and want to honor my body with, I feel I’m off to a rockin’ start! There will undoubtedly be more additions to my closet, but for now I am quite satisfied.

After I purged my wardrobe, I also let go of twenty-two pounds of paper and unnecessary stuff from old projects that have long been completed. This felt great, too! My files are slimmer and now there is all kinds of space for the new wonderful ideas and projects of my forties to be welcomed into my life!

If you still want to try the March challenge you can tweet about it and tag @projectwomen and @jameyhood and be sure to use #ex40.

April adventures await for our Extraordinary 40 Challenge with a focus on body, its glorious potential and a review of Sarah Hays Coomer’s soon to be released wellness and fitness book Lightness of Body and Mind. 


Artwork by Liz Steel

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