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Monday Menagerie #35


A mysterious lady photographer, #womenbywomen, Impossible giving, crowd-fund your maternity leave, a pregnancy confession, some politics, female artists, and honoring Zaha Hadid.



vivian maier

P H O T O G R A P H Y:  Vivian Maier

Have you seen the new Netflix doc, Finding Vivian Maier?  I watched it recently and totally fell into it.  It’s slightly haunting and quite mysterious, but also an adventure and a pretty incredible story altogether.  Her street photographs are some of the most transfixing photos I’ve ever seen.  Regardless of what you might think of her after watching the documentary, she was undoubtedly a profoundly great talent.



maya angelou pic

S T O R I E S:  #WomenByWomen

To close out Women’s History Month the Washington Post has pulled out a handful of great interviews of influential women, written by women, from their archives.  I woke up early in the morning and read this entire piece (long, by today’s standards) on Maya Angelou.  What a woman… what a soul.

“You bring all your equipment to everything, holding back nothing because that might be the last moment. I am constantly aware of that, which makes me existential in a very strange and serious way. So that all my stuff is here. I mean all my stuff is here. So that when I get on that plane tonight, and if it falls, it falls, but darlin’, I will have been as present as possible, and as courageous as possible, and not a bore. Not a drag.”  -Maya Angelou



via peppermint mag

via peppermint mag

I N T E R V I E W:  Lily Cole on her giving-based business, Impossible

Get ready, I’m about to talk a lot about Lily Cole.  I recently listened to this interview with her (in link above) on one of my favorite radio programs, Monocle’s The Entrepreneurs, and kind of fell in love with her.  Or at least with her clear way of speaking and beautiful, bold ideas.

Impossible is the brainchild of Lily Cole, and it’s essentially a social media platform for exchanging acts of kindness.  Or as they put it, “A global community who help each other out. People share their time, skills and objects.”

Then I got sucked in to Lily’s personal website and absolutely mesmerized by her gorgeous, dreamy personal photographs.

Finally I watched this video (below), an interview with Lily and Chelsea Clinton… swoon.  So worth watching.





S T O R Y:  Pregnancy Confession, by Sharon Tjaden-Glass

Sharon is a contributor to our blog, and I feel so lucky to get to have her words here.  This story she wrote is featured on the blog Imperfect Life, which is a truly lovely new discovery, full of honest, genuine stories and real voices.  Check it out.

“In some ways, the first pregnancy is that purest form of motherhood. It’s the only time in our lives as mothers when these tags of motherhood don’t attach for long. No one talks about that brownie-eating mother or the gestational diabetes mother. We don’t talk this way because we know pregnancy is not permanent.”



G-stockstudio / Getty Images

G-stockstudio / Getty Images

N E W S:  “Moms With No Paid Leave Turn To Crowdfunding”

I honestly can’t believe this is the state of affairs with paid parental leave in our country.  In the United States of America.  Jeez.  JEEZ!!  Can’t we do better?

Just 12% of Americans, excluding those who work for the government, have access to paid time to spend with their newborns. Some of that 88% are now turning to crowd-funding to pay for the benefit.”



P O L I T I C S:  “Bernie Sanders is the One For Me”

Sorry for throwing some political stuff in here!  I try to avoid it, I really do, but this raw, funny, fireball of a video by Sarah Silverman had to be shared.

(DISCLAIMER:  Project:Women is open to all political viewpoints (that respect basic humanity), this one just happens to be in line with mine. ;D




G O O D Y  B A G:  Discotheque Confusion:  The Weekend List

Let’s stride away from the controversial stuff for a moment…

I love this blog so much.  This is a post filled with goodies for you to get distracted by, if you’re in need of some good distractions. 😉



Clockwise from top left: Ana Valadares; Gary Pennock; Maurice Berezov/AE Artworks; Henry Groskinsky/Time & Life Pictures, via Getty Images

Clockwise from top left: Ana Valadares; Gary Pennock; Maurice Berezov/AE Artworks; Henry Groskinsky/Time & Life Pictures, via Getty Images

A R T:  “Female Artists Are (Finally) Getting Their Turn”

Ah!  This is great, great, great.  A movement of female-centered art shows is taking the nation by storm.

“At least a dozen galleries and museums are featuring women-themed surveys, a surge curators and gallerists say is shining a light on neglected artists, resuscitating some careers and raising the commercial potential of others… These shows are “playing catch-up after centuries of women’s marginality and invisibility,” said the artist Barbara Kruger….”

Shared by Jamie Bullock




V I D E O  I N T E R V I E W:  Jemima Kirke

Fun and charming short interview with a woman who I dig.  Also she has Sharpie skills.  (only thing I didn’t get was that slightly animatronic male voice doing the questions… hmmm.)




V I D E O  I N T E R V I E W:  Domino Kirke

The Jemima interview led me to this very different interview with her sister, Domino.  I wasn’t prepared for just how lovely this would be… what a warm and loving soul this woman is.  Truly beautiful.  (And the mother-daughter duo who run this interview series– called Style Like U— are also amazing… check out their Youtube channel if you enjoy this interview.)



via stylepark

via stylepark

H O N O R:  Zaha Hadid passes away at 65

I’m going to say it exactly how I think it can be said:  She was a KICK ASS architect.  The woman designed some of the most gloriously original, out-of-the-box, mind-blowing works of architectural art I’ve ever seen.  And she didn’t stop at buildings… she also designed fireplaces, water faucets, tables, chairs, lamps, staircases, and a dollhouse, all of them with her signature of awe-inspiring, clean-lined beauty.

I never knew too much about her, but always respected and admired her work.  And through her work she lives on for so many.

A brief excerpt on her fascinating background:  (link to article above)

“Zaha Hadid was born in Baghdad on Oct. 31, 1950. Her father was an industrialist, educated in London, who headed a progressive party advocating for secularism and democracy in Iraq. Baghdad was a cosmopolitan hub of modern ideas, which clearly shaped her upbringing. She attended a Catholic school where students spoke French, and Muslims and Jews were welcome. After that, she studied mathematics at the American University in Beirut (she would later say her years in Lebanon were the happiest of her life).”

All artwork below via















Dolls House

Dolls House




Featured image (at top):  Artwork by Shinique Smith, via Wikimedia

All reviews written and opinions expressed are the author’s own. “Shared by [name]” – Refers to the person who shared the link to the original piece featured here.

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