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Here I Sing

I have re-written this piece a hundred times. I sit here with sweaty palms and a lump in my throat.

This month is all about creativity.  Creativity.  Hmm.  I love to craft, doodle, I attempt to sew, I can design skin care regimes.. but are those the pieces of me that I want to share? Not that I keep those secret or that I’m not thrilled with some of my handy work, I just want to take a risk – for you. For my family who has supported me and has read every post. For my friends who share every single bit of my writing with whomever they can. Thank you.

So, I am going to sing. I have never seen myself as a musician.  That role stays with my younger rock star brother who had his own band at 14 and played in all of the best restaurants in town.  I don’t sing for crowds unless at karaoke and I get nervous singing in front of close friends.  My husband is a phenomenal piano player and can learn a George Gershwin tune in minutes.  He was one of the first people who noticed that I enjoyed singing.  We all sing in the car, in the shower, in the kitchen making breakfast.. but he wanted me to sing more.  And even though I can’t sing to tune, or match a pitch – I love to sing.  It is expressive and fun.  I prefer to sing country, I try to get my voice as close to Martina McBride’s as possible.  But I’ll take on any challenge.  My husband will find a song and say “learn this.”

One day I will take voice lessons.  I’ve had a guitar for years yet haven’t made the time to learn to play.  I practice singing to piano notes while my husband plays but something about being coached by my man doesn’t exactly ring romantic to me 😉

But here I go.  A piece of me that I want to share with y’all.  ❤




Art by Ray Caesar

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  1. Tara Tona says

    I love you, I love this video, I love your voice… KT!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. Even if I could sing I would probably be too chicken to make a video of myself and share it like this… you rock my world for putting it out there!!! Love you so much. You have a gift my dear… Beautiful. ❤


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