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Give a Damn with Jamie B.

I actually can’t pinpoint when I started Giving A Damn.  I wish I could.  I wish I could say that as a small child I was picking up litter and writing letters to the President asking for changes to happen or giving speeches like this girl (how badass is this girl?)


…but I wasn’t.

Yet something in my past, in my upbringing, in my experiences, somewhere along my path I started seeing the world differently and began gravitating towards stories and issues that presented a challenging set of circumstances, innovation to solve said challenges and the individuals who were determined to overcome them, no matter what the odds.  The energy I would feel when I would meet someone who was causing real change or stepping outside of the box to care for and commit to something larger than themselves was unparalleled and for some reason, unbeknownst to me, the feeling that I, too, could make a difference started to guide my life.  Sheesh, now I Give A Damn about SO MANY THINGS.  I Give A Damn about strengthening our education system so that our children feel empowered and have a better shot in this crazy world.  I Give A Damn about protecting the animals that we use as a food source, who don’t have a voice, and making sure that they are treated humanely.  I Give A Damn about people healing themselves from the inside out.  I Give A Damn about equal rights and equal opportunities for women and helping to save the millions of women who are treated horribly because they are not valued in many societies and I Give A Damn about the planet…boy do I give a damn about the planet…so much so that I now find myself dedicating my life to helping preserve and protect it even though in so many respects it’s an uphill battle.  Yet,  I seem to be in constant turmoil with the how to take action and the guilt of not being knowledgeable enough or equipped to do enough (case in point, the prior long list of uphills battles) that many times it becomes overwhelming.

So, I felt compelled to start this column…

Give A Damn

Title by Tara Tona. 🙂

Everyone Gives A Damn about something, right? If it doesn’t expand to trying to save the world, which is pretty dang daunting, we ALL have things that matter specifically to us and our place in this world which are actually universal.  We Give A Damn about feeding and taking care of our families,  to wed or not to wed, to become a mother or not to become a mother, creating or keeping a career, finding our soulmate or figuring out how to become a mother even if we haven’t…the list is endless and I am on a mission to find out what YOU Give A Damn about so maybe, just maybe, you don’t feel like you are doing it all by yourself and honestly, so that I don’t feel so alone. I thrive on motivation and inspiration and when I see other people ignited by a cause and living up to their true potential, that gives me what I need to keep my spirits and inspiration afloat in order to keep….on…swimming.

I am not a writer so this column will be be a mashup of mediums to hopefully get engaging, entertaining and impactful stories to you…and it’s going to be ever evolving.  It will feature stories and interviews with and about the women that we come in contact with that GIVE A DAMN and that are making things happen because they can’t NOT make things happen.  My focus will be on their causes and movements, how they got started, why they keep going, the inspiration behind their passion and the action that is coming about because of it.  It will focus on the positive aspects of their journey and how YOU can get involved to continue to help push them forward or even join forces to make the groundswell more impactful.  This column can’t thrive without your involvement so I want to hear from you and what you Give A Damn about.  Share your story and build your community.  We are all in this together.

I leave you with one of my favorite stories, The Starfish Story.  May we all realize that we make a difference in this world even just to “that one.”


Talk to me.  Share with me.  Humor me and help me fulfill this mission.  The world is FULL of inspiring and empowering stories and it’s the people behind them that make them that way.  Let’s find them together.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss

x.o – Jamie B.

Featured image (at top) taken by me in 2015 at the Earth (angel) Hour Event at the Center For Social Innovation  

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  1. Tara Tona says

    Thank you dear Jamie for all the passion you put forth.. I truly admire your devotion to making the world a bit brighter, healthier, and happier!! I can’t wait to read your first column!!! And I love the Starfish Story and that Dr. Seuss quote. 🙂


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