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Monday Menagerie #33


Stories of motherhood, single ladies, boobs, bodies, kidneys, and undergarments; some groovy jewelry, and an abundance of ART to get your Creative Forces in motion!


the jealous curator

A R T :  The Jealous Curator

One of my favorite new finds, Danielle Krysa is “the jealous curator” and she collects the most amaaaazing art on her website.  I’m a little bit obsessed.  And her Instagram account is just loaded with goodness for the eyes!

She also has a podcast (on iTunes and Stitcher) on which she interviews some of the artists she features on her website, fun and definitely worth a listen if you dig artists.

Oh, and she is a pretty rad artist herself… this is some of her personal work:  (via her IG)

danielle krysa 1

danielle krysa 2


danielle krysa 3




I N T E R V I E W :  At Home with Lindsey Bliss

A lovely piece on Brooklyn, NY doula Lindsey Bliss, about motherhood, having 2 sets of twins back-to-back, and what it’s like prepping for baby #6.




P H O T O G R A P H Y :  Parker Fitzgerald & Riley Messina

The “Overgrowth” series by Fitzgerald and Messina is absolutely dreamy and gorgeous.  (see more via link)






B R A N D : Pichulik

Some great jewelry designed and made in South Africa by a team of “dynamic women”.  I really like their brand statement:

“If the PICHULIK brand was a person she would have a wicked sense of humour,  a strong yet inspired presence. Kind, wise eyes that speak of many journeys through exotic lands. She would smell the way jasmine smells in Johannesburg at the end of winter -promising spring. She would taste of pomegranates from Granada and rose syrup from Morrocco.”

pichulik 1

pichulik 2

pichulik 3


Oivind Hovland/Ikon Images/Getty Images

Oivind Hovland/Ikon Images/Getty Images

I N T E R V I E W : Rebecca Traister of “All The Single Ladies”

This Fresh Air interview with Rebecca Traister about the rise of the single woman is totally worth a listen!

Shared by Jamie Bullock




M O T H E R H O O D : The Honest Body Project

Beautiful project which celebrates the lives, stories, and real bodies of real mothers.

Shared by Kristin Tona




S T O R Y : Breast Exposure

This woman is my new HERO.  Amanda Bouldin, a state representative from New Hampshire, recently made a public statement that brings to light the obvious double-standard of men and women showing nipples in public.

I am 100% behind her.  If Americans were more comfortable with the au naturel human body we might not freak out so much about nipples.




I N N O V A T I O N : Thinx underwear

Underwear that replace pads and tampons… for real!  Created by three young women, Miki Agrawal, her sister Radha, and friend Antonia, the idea was spawned during a trip to South Africa when Miki discovered that young girls were skipping school during their “week of shame”…

When Miki travelled to South Africa in 2010 (yes, for the World Cup), she took a trip to a rural area where she met a 12 year-old girl who was hangin’ out on a weekday. Miki asked, “Why aren’t you in school?” The girl quietly responded, “It’s my week of shame.” Upon her return, she, Radha, and Antonia found that 100 million girls around the world miss school just because they lack the sanitary supplies they need to manage their periods. They knew that they could somehow use the innovative idea of magic period underwear to support these girls. And BOOM. THINX was born.

Shared by Kristin Tona


via pinterest, artist unknown

via pinterest, artist unknown

S T O R Y : Elizabeth and Mary

This 4-part series, from the beautiful podcast Strangers, is about one woman’s decision to donate her kidney to someone she didn’t even know.  It raises all kinds of questions about altruism and will probably make you feel very strongly one way or the other.  A fascinating story about the capacity of the human to give.



M O V I E : Ghostbusters (the girl edition)

Shared by Kristin Tona 😀




J U S T  F O R  F U N : Manrepeller

I’m in love with this website (and her IG).  This particular piece (in link) is a fantasy sketch about all the women you could be when you wear Allesandro Michele’s new line from Gucci.  Good for a little laugh.  PS.  I’m head-over-heels for Michele’s designs!!  Fashion-swoon.




Louise Reimer

A R T : Art Hound

Another great website which features loads of art, with an emphasis on female artists.   This is the space of Kate Singleton, “an avid art lover and founder of  BUY SOME DAMN ART.” Bookmark it.




A R T : Penny Coss

Otherworldly paintings of color and light, from Australian artist Penny Coss.

Shared by Elizabeth Davis











A R T : Ajean Ryan

Her abstract 3-dimensional pieces leap off the canvas (and paper) with such a variety of materials that it makes me practically giddy.  I adore this style of artistic expression, and Ajean Ryan has a truly gorgeous way of putting together so many bizarre elements, shapes, and colors.





A R T : Marlies Plank

An Austrian woman whose artistic stylings run the gamut from saucy nudes to sharks in space.  I really dig it.








Featured image (at top) by: Ajean Ryan

All reviews written and opinions expressed are the author’s own. “Shared by [name]” – Refers to the person who shared the link to the original piece featured here.

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