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Monday Menagerie #31


A great piece by Lena D, A girl gets dressed by Granny, teen feminists, the new Barbie, ethical fashion, some Podcast love, and of course ART!


Art: Brian Rea via nytimes

Art: Brian Rea via nytimes

Modern Love

This is one of my favorite new podcasts.  It’s like The New Yorker Fiction podcast -meets- Selected Shorts.  The stories are all lovely and make me drift away as I’m listening and cleaning the house on a Saturday morning.

Listen to the episode “Not So Simple Math“… it might make you cry but it’s so lovely and powerful.




via KCRW

via KCRW


Another favorite new podcast.  I love the voice of host Lea Thau, it’s so warm and inviting.  She shares stories that are intriguing and thought-provoking.  If you like This American Life or Snap Judgement, you’ll probably like this.

I loved the last half of episode “Left Right Black White” (I missed the first part of that episode, so I need to go back and listen again– but Lea’s closing observations absolutely had my mind a wondering).




Lena Dunham participates in AOL's BUILD Speaker Series at AOL Studios on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

photo: Charles Sykes via Huffpost

“Don’t Take it Personally When I Tell You ‘No'”

Lena Dunham talks about what it means to start saying “no”, and it’s SUCH a good read!  She nails it.  And made me laugh.

“I am in YES recovery. Like many humans, many women, I am a people pleaser. Can I be there at noon? Sure can! Will I bring three hundred bucks in foreign currency? Absolutely! Will I also promise to help a friend move, be late meeting them because I also agreed to babysit another friend’s sick rabbit, then disappoint everyone in the process? I sure will!”




grandma dresses granddaughter

“I Let My Grandma Dress me for a Week and This is What Happened”

This is super cute and also funny.  I would totally let my German grandma pick out my outfits for a week… maybe even a month, the woman had style in spades.  Cheers to all the cool grandmas. 🙂

Shared by Kristin Tona



Zarghuna Kargar, Author and Journalist, BBC - via Women in the World

Zarghuna Kargar, Author and Journalist, BBC – via Women in the World

“Teen Vogue Features ’10 Badass Young Feminists'”

New names to know in the badass young feminists arena.



via Women You Should

via Women You Should

Mattel’s New Barbie

It’s about friggin’ time.



accompany us

via Accompany


A new ethical fashion brand with loads of beautiful goodies!




The art of Hollie Chastain

I love all kinds of paper/collage art, this girl makes some really great pieces.

“Hollie Chastain is an artist living and working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Following studies in both fine art and business she spent several years in marketing and design before taking the leap in 2009 to launch a career as an artist and illustrator. Hollie works mainly with paper, mixing vintage and found images with modern colors and compositions to create work full of originality and narrative. As well as various publications you can see her work in galleries and art boutiques both in the US and abroad. ”  – Via the artist’s website


via Google search


via Google search



Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.07.48 PM



Featured Image (at top) by Hollie Chastain via


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