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There’s Still Time to Get Your Ritual On and Ten Extraordinary Observations for January!

We are off to a rocking start for this year’s wondrous project, “Extraordinary40!” In case you missed it, check out my post Beginning the Year With a Powerful Ritual. In a nut shell, the fabulous women of Project:Women and I are celebrating my year of turning 40 with monthly challenges geared towards “best-everness” and you are invited to join in the fun!

January’s challenge was to complete your own super sacred ritual acknowledging and thanking 2015 and welcoming 2016 with enthusiasm and bravery! It’s not too late to perform this ritual and rock your gratitude!

As promised, here are my answers to the sensory questions for 2015 as compared to how I wanted 2015 to be way back on New Year’s Eve of 2014! I’m so looking forward to next year when you, too, are able to compare your answers. What we might want and what we actually get can be surprising, funny, maybe disappointing, and often powerful.

  1. What did I want 2015 to smell like? The Ocean. But what did it actually smell like? PIZZA! (Okay.)
  2. What did I want 2015 to taste like? High-end Sushi. But what did it actually taste like? Cheap Champagne. (I’m not complaining.)
  3. What did I want 2015 to feel like? A Hammock. But what did it actually feel like? Sweat! (Talk about opposites!)
  4. What did I want 2015 to sound like? Laughter. But what did it actually sound like? Ka-Chunk. (Ouch.)
  5. What color did I want 2015 to be? Gold. But what color did it turn out to be? Light blue with a hint of yellow. (Perhaps the dawn sky before the golden sun can appear… there’s always next year.)
  6. What did I want my theme song for 2015 to be? The Carpenters’ “On Top of the World!” But what theme song did I actually end up with? There’s a little known song from the musical Lucky Duck called “Careful What You Wish For (…’cause it might come true).”

Basically, I was super ambitious last year and I achieved my goals but I created so much work and struggle for myself. All in all, I’m grateful for the sweat of hard work, the ka-chunk of first attempts,  and the dawn of new endeavors. Truly, pizza and cheap champagne taste pretty darn wonderful when you’ve got your sleeves rolled up and are elbow deep in the grease of creativity!

Did you perform the year end ritual, yet? If so, what were your discoveries? Did you cry? Laugh? Feel proud?

August of last year was such a high point for me even though it was by far the most difficult month of the year producing and mounting a play that I wrote for children in the New York International Fringe Festival starring sixteen exceptionally gifted teenagers. I cried humble tears of pride as I spoke aloud during my ritual that a group of talented young storytellers would give up their summer vacation and dedicate themselves to saying my words. I get to carry that feeling with me into 2016 and apply it to this year’s new endeavors.

Acknowledgement. Gratitude. Forward motion. That’s the power of ritual.


Here’s a little hint… I went all the way to INDIA for two weeks to get ready for February’s challenge! I can’t wait to share it with you next month!

Here Are My TEN Extraordinary Observations for January

  1. Fireworks can make you feel like a kid again.
  2. Adopting a vegetarian diet, no alcohol and a parasite is a really effective way to lose the extra five pounds you put on during the holidays. (Parasite not recommended.)
  3. Your body knows what to do. Listen to it and be humbled by its capabilities.
  4. Experience is a valid form of education and the wisdom of it is worth sharing.
  5. Lighting a candle in your home is a loving gesture.
  6. Being near people who are actively pursuing self improvement automatically elevates your own.
  7. You can take a dip in a sacred river halfway across the world where the water is only 48 degrees and feel more exhilarated than cold.
  8. You will not be the only one at the park during a blizzard; in fact, it will be quite crowded.
  9. You may be the best part of your partner’s day; be gentle.
  10. Acknowledging and thanking the past can help create true and positive affirmations for the present.

Go be extraordinary!


Art by Lee Illa



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  1. Tara Tona says

    Cheap champagne and pizza… haha!! Not too bad at all. I LOVE your lists and your way of interpreting the year through taste and smell and sound! So clever and fun. I still haven’t done my own ritual yet, but I have 3 1/2 days left, right? Pleeeenty of time. 😀


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