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Monday Menagerie #29

Bunnies, cleaning, islands, books, art, some toes, a church-turned-skate park, and a Bowie homage.





The J A N U A R Y  C U R E

I mentioned this in my New Year’s Resolutions post last month, but I’m putting it in this MM because it’s greeeeaaat.

The “January Cure” is the brilliant creation of Apartment Therapy, my fave home-deco website.  Do you want to deep clean and reorganize your house on a schedule but aren’t prepared to take on Extreme Kondo??  Me too. The Cure takes your hand and guides you through a month of cleansing your home, and let me tell you after only 3 days of this I already felt like a new person!!     (PS.  You can start this on any day, so doesn’t matter we’re already on Jan 11th. Wink!)


brain pickings reading list 2015

15 best books of 2015

A truly lovely reading list from the great Maria Popova of Brain Pickings.  Oliver Sacks’ book On The Move is already on my list, can’t wait to read it.



virginhoney 1

Virgin_Honey – Instagramer

I started following Sabine Timm–aka virgin_honey– on Instagram last year, and she is still one of my favorite IG discoveries.  She collects found objects such as flowers, leaves, discarded pieces of plastic and other trash, and puts them together to photograph in such an endearing, innocent way.  Everything she posts makes me smile.

virgin honey 2

virginhoney 3



all images via @virgin_honey IG account



R O M Y and the B U N N I E S

I can’t recall how I stumbled upon this absolutely lovely motherhood site, but I’m glad I did.  It is chic, quiet, beautiful, and full of things I hadn’t seen elsewhere.  It is the brainchild of Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, daughter of inimitably chic Carine Roitfeld, so of course it’s loaded with style and Frenchiness.  I especially like the interviews.





Sharing a Cab, and My Toes

A weirdly charming story about a young women, the big city, and an unusual cab ride.  Read for a good little laugh.




Miss Moss- The Islands

Series of pretty pictures of a beautiful place… Claudia Corrent photographs the relatively unknown Islands of Venice, Italy.


via Treehugger

via Treehugger

Derelict Church Turned into Skate Park 

This is insanely cool.





Legendary Bowie

In honor of the fabulously talented and dazzling David Bowie, who passed away yesterday.

I remember the first time I saw the movie Labyrinth, in which he starred.  I was probably about 11 or 12, and my mom didn’t want me to watch it.  But my cool older cousin, Holly, talked my mom into letting us watch it together on VHS at her house.  I loved it.  Such a strange, bizarre, different kind of movie.  Makes me want to watch it again now, to revisit that younger version of myself and to see wonderful Bowie in action again.

I can recall Bowie music playing on my parents stereo system at home.  His song “Let’s Dance” was one of my favorites, it always made me feel like dancing.  When the movie The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou came out, his hit “Life on Mars?” became my new fave track.  I never became a massive Bowie fan, probably because his generation was before mine, but I always admired his style and his way of being.  He seemed like such a wildly cool person, but also kind and intelligent.  A whirlwind of sparkly adventure wrapped into this tall, thin, spritely package of a person.  The classic rock star, always shining brightly.




Featured image (at top) by:  Sabinne Timm, via her Flickr

All reviews written and opinions expressed are the author’s own. 



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