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5 Simple Steps to Create a Sacred Space in your home

This month, we celebrate the work we do as women! Some of us are mothers, some artists, some corporate executives, and the list goes on. Regardless of what we do, we all share the need for “me time” and quiet moments to recharge our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Creating a sacred space for yoga, meditation, art, or simple quiet time can do wonders for our overall well being and light the spark of inspiration when we are depleted. Having our own little corner filled  with beauty or even an entire room or outdoor space provides us with spiritual nourishment and weaves a sense of sacred ritual into our lives. Here are five steps to create a space which invites you to slow down, breathe, and recharge.


1. Choose your special spot. It can be a small corner of your home, an entire room, or even an outdoor space or garden. See if you can choose a place that you will pass by frequently during your daily routine, so it’s beauty and energy can remind you to visit it often. If you are traveling or in transition, you can choose a corner of your hotel, hostel, or even tuck your keepsakes in your suitcase as a traveling altar!

From the Blog, Moon to Moon

From the Blog, Moon to Moon: Don’t Hate…Meditate.

2. Clear the space. Think of this as starting with a clean slate you will later fill with only those items which bring you peace and joy. Remove any clutter. Clean the space, clearing away dust or dirt. You might even choose to “smudge” the room with white sage, an ancient Native American tradition meant to purify and rid a space of old, stagnant, or negative energies.

3. Add your favorite ingredients. The possibilities are endless! You might adore roses. Maybe you find a picture of the teacher, mentor, or leader who inspires you. Depending on your spiritual tradition, you might include symbols of your faith or words of inspiration. What about adding a picture your daughter colored for you? You can make your collection as intricate or as simple as your heart desires. Perhaps you include items which sooth your senses of smell and touch as well like candles, flowers, or a piece of luxurious fabric? Some women incorporate mala beads for meditation, or crystals with healing properties. Regardless, make sure your pictures, statues, keepsakes, and talismans evoke a sense of wholeheartedness, peace, and calm when you behold them. Your sacred space should be a feast for your senses, providing you with nourishment for your soul. If you are focused on a specific dream or desire, you can include a representation of those elements like a postcard for travel or a symbol of love or healing.

photo by Tara Tona

Dried flowers, mala beads, inspiring words, talismans of good luck and friendship, and a very yummy candle – photo by Tara Tona

4. Listen to your intuition and create. Arrange your items in a way that pleases you. This is just for you. Don’t worry about how it will look to others. There is no right or wrong way to adorn your personal space. Once you arrange, sit back and take it in. Notice how you feel. Think of this collection of meaningful symbols as an ever evolving work of art . You can always add, subtract, and move the pieces. Allow it to echo your inner world, like a mirror reflecting what you love and honor in your life.

5. Bless your space and establish a ritual. Sit in a comfortable seated position and behold your creation! Yay! Close your eyes and bring your hands to your heart. Set an intention that when you visit this space, you will honor yourself, your heart’s desires, and your spirit. Every time you come back to your space, create a short ritual which you perform to anchor yourself in the intention of self care. You can simply sit and bring your hands to your heart for a moment or light candles or incense. Visit your space every day if you can. It might be the perfect place to begin your morning and/or end your day. Write, move, meditate, chant, sing, pray, or quietly sit there. Like your unique space, your time there is your own. Enjoy!




jamie sacred space

Jamie Bullock:  “This sacred space is where I sit, meditate and chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to bring forth Buddahhood from within my life. This is where I get clear on my intentions, goals and the places I am stuck. I also express gratitude and use chanting and meditation to help find the path to use my gifts and talents in service to the world. “


tara sacred space

Tara Tona:  “This is my sacred space, although technically it’s my office.  We live in a very tiny house and have a toddler, and I work full-time from home, so this is my spot for everything “me time”.  I love lots of visual stimulation, and my little corner here gives me good vibes.  This space is filled with things that make me happy– gifts from dear friends, art from siblings, images that evoke something lovely to me, and books that I always return to.  A big window overlooks our front yard, and I take brief moments throughout each day to enjoy peace and thoughtfulness, to recharge my spirit and bring positivity to my work. 🙂


Artwork at top by Ilaria Berenice

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