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Yay for Things!

This is a new compilation series, where we share some things that we’re loving right now.  Music, movies, websites, and the like…

And this is my list.  As Mugatu once said, “that’s so hot right now


🎵 Listening to…

Manu Chau!!!  “Me Gustas Tu” is my current absolute fave song.

via Youtube

via Youtube

I’m always listening to bunch of different things, my taste is all over the map when it comes to music.

At this very moment I’ve got a Vinyl Set by Quantic playing, and I’m feelin’ this vibe- very chill rasta jam.  I’m also listening to a lot of Cuban music lately (hello, Buena Vista Social Club), and at dinnertime my husband and I turn on this amazing Sicilian music mix, it’s bellissima.

Another track that I just discovered and am now fully obsessed with is “The Curse” by Jata.  It’s on repeat.

Always good:  Ceu, Ananda Shankar, Beastie Boys, Groove Armada, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Paul Simon, and alwayyysss M.I.A.

If you’ve never listened to the band Wild Cub, I think you should check it out.  One of the founding members of the band just happens to be Jamie Bullock’s talented little brother, Jeremy.   Their track “Thunder Clatter”  just makes you feel good inside.

On my Pandora Radio lately…

taras pandora

📖 Reading…

Currently reading too many books at once (as usual).

Feminine Ingenuity- How Women Inventors Changed America – by Anne L. Macdonald – It’s like the coolest women’s invention history book, written by a woman who herself is an inventor.  Seems to be incredibly well-researched and is just fun to read.

A History of Women – From Ancient Goddesses to Christian Saints – edited by Pauline Pantel –   I haven’t gotten far into this one yet, but thus far it is an enlightening read.  The women of ancient times did NOT have it easy, and it’s kind of tough to digest the realities of what they dealt with (oppression, maltreatment, being demoted as an entire gender, that kinda stuff).  Tough broads.

A Story Lately Told by Anjelica Huston – I LOVE Anjelica Huston.  I bought this book as soon as I found out about it, and read it in a few days.  Delightful, colorful, endearing, and beautifully Angelica.

Lean In – by Sheryl Sandberg – There have been plenty of vocal individuals who dislike this book, but I think it’s pretty fantastic.  She writes well, with purpose, and brings up some powerful statistical points.

The Fire Starter Sessions – by Danielle Laporte – Jamie B. sent me this book a few months ago, and it remains by my desk as a fireball of energy, from which I will read a random page whenever I need a good zing.  It’s just loaded with vigor and empowerment, and it’s impossible to feel down when you read it.

Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl – I actually read this book a couple summers ago but had to add it to this list!  It’s just such a fantastic book, full of adventures that actually took place.  Not only was Heyerdahl a brave explorer, but he was also a damn fine writer.

I'm not reading ALL of these right now, but these are a few of my favorites.

Not reading ALL of these right now, but these are a few of my favorites.

💻 Watching…

We don’t have a TV at our house and I no longer have lots of extra time for movies, but I’ve seen a few good ones on the ol’ computer over the past months.

Loving on Netflix:

Sagrada.  A documentary about the famous Sagrada Familia, the breathtaking cathedral in Barcelona, Spain designed by Antoni Gaudi (my absolute favorite architect of all time).Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.39.49 PM  It’s one of those docs that blindsides you with all these other emotions.. what it means to create such a grande-scale, immense work of art with thousands of other individuals, over
the course of more than a hundred years.  It speaks of the love of creation, and of dedication, passion, and the fight to protect something that is sacred to so many.  I visited the Sagrada Familia many years ago, and spent an entire day walking through it, around it.   I’ve never experienced an edifice like it before or since.  Its beauty is overwhelming.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.43.41 PMBallet 422.  A documentary about New York City
Ballet’s 422nd repertory ballet production, which follows its creator and the dancers as they prepare for the performance.  I watched this with my little girl and she was almost more into it than I was– future ballerina on my hands?

I Am Love.  An Italian film about the transformative power of love.  Incredibly beautiful Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.44.33 PMand features one of my favorite actresses, Tilda Swinton.  It’s one of the most emotionally intense movies I’ve ever seen (certainly not for everyone’s taste), but it is one of those rare films which possess a true strength of character– found in the small details, color, landscape, moments of stillness and quiet, the ability of an individual to move you to tears with their eyes, their gestures, their entire being.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.45.06 PMAdvanced Style
.  So cute, so sweet.  This documentary follows 7 New York women of “advanced” age, and they talk about life, personal style, and what makes them happy.  It’s a delight.

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.  Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni.  It’s a classic from the 1960’s.  And this is the film that made me fall in love with both Loren and Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.45.53 PMMastroianni– they are just so adorable together.  Totally great.

Loving in general:

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited These are my default relax movies that I’ve watched almost as many times as I’ve read J.D. Salinger’s 9 Stories.  There is no end to the comfort I feel when I watch a Wes Anderson film.  The Grand Budapest Hotel is way up there, too.  Those colors and costumes… ahhhh.  Divine.

screenshot from Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums

And music videos:  I LOOOOVE M.I.A.’s music video for “Bad Girls”.  So much that I wrote an entire post about it.

The only thing I really miss about having TV is being able to watch the Tour de France… boo-hoo.

🏄 Doing…

Windsurfing – My dad is an avid windsurfer and this summer he’s teaching me how to ride like a pro.  That is, if a pro fell off their board seventy hundred times during a one-hour session in mild wind while using a training sail.  It’s totally dope.

tara and dad prepping windsurf

Prepping the board with my dad, this was my first lesson.

Gardening – This spring my husband and I went into full-on gardener mode, digging up half our yard to plant everything from kale to squash, and basil to German chamomile.  Some of it failed to grow, or grew so pitifully and scraggily that it looked like we never fed or watered it, but what did come up delighted us SO much that it’s impossible to explain.  I LOVE GARDENING!!!!  Even if I’m terrible at it.  (Winners:  Basil, Arugula, Swiss chard, and kale.)

My little girl and I in the Arugula patch

My little girl and I in the Arugula patch

🔮 Internet-ing…

Miss Moss –  Favorite all-around “cool” website; art, photography, fashion, home decor, food, and fabulous random bits.  Composed entirely by Diana Moss, a woman who has the most impeccable taste in everything.

The Great Discontent – They do great interviews with amazing people you’ve probably never heard of.  Great for discovering and getting super inspired.

The Sartorialist –  Street style, but not just the “fashion” stuff… Scott Schuman captures everything from children in the streets of Bangalore to the ladies of Paris Fashion Week.  Every image is a delight.

Springwise – Their mission is to “…discover and share the best innovation ideas from all over the world, to promote positive change.”  Every day they post 3 new interesting/innovative things.  (The only drag is you have to pay to view their archives.. but every new post is free for 3 days!)

GOOD – I bought my first issue of GOOD magazine 6 years ago at a Wholefoods in Miami, just because I thought the cover was super cool.  Ever since then I’ve been hooked.  Their website is filled with delightful and amazing things, as well as important news and alternative viewpoints, the kind of stuff you just don’t find elsewhere.  It’s good.

Brain Pickings –  Intelligent, brilliant, full of stories that will enlighten your mind.  This website is created and written by Maria Popova, a Bulgarian woman who describers herself as  “a reader, writer, interestingness hunter-gatherer, and curious mind at large.”

Let’s end this list with some lovely ladies, from The Sartorialist…
Sart mar2013

I love this woman. The fact that she is visibly not wearing a bra and yet still looks exceedingly chic and lady-like (with a hint of bad-ass) just makes me smile. (I hate bras and I love women who pull off this rather daring apparel choice!) Via The Sartorialist (Mar.2013)

Sartorialist mar 2011

And this chick is just amazing from top to toe. That HAIR… those trousers, that blouse, those penny loafers… mega fabulous. Via The Sartorialist (Mar. 2011)

*The title “Yay for Things!” must be credited to Kristin Tona.  Thanks for that Bobcat. 😉

**Drawing at top by moi.

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