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Fathers Share Their Thoughts and Advice

This past Father’s Day, we asked a question on our social media:  “What do you love about being a dad, and what advice would you give to a new father?”

Here are the wonderful responses from our community of men…


What do I love about being a dad? Seeing your children discover the world with innocent eyes. The pure joy, kindness and humor they exhibit never cease to amaze me. It’s not all fun and games though. It is an adjustment. It is a complete change of life…once you are a dad, you will never again come first. You’ll get frustrated like never before. They’ll break your heart. But they’ll also inspire you, give you love that you never thought you’d experience, laughter like you’ve never had before, and give your life a new meaning!  – Joel Tesch


What I love most about being a dad is the unconditional love I receive everyday. My son Cooper Grant D’Ambrosio fills my life with laughter and love everyday and on occasion he adds to my gray hair collection. His smile brightens up a room and can make a bad day at work seem like it never happened. I love being able to teach him and guide him to be a well mannered little southern gentleman. For those of you that are new Fathers my only advice is to cherish every single moment with your son or daughter. My sister once told me before we had our son that it goes by so fast and it really does. My son just turned 5 and I have no idea where those 5 years have gone, but what I do know is that I have created a lot of great memories with him so far! Oh, one last piece of advice:  if your mother or mother-in-law ask to help out TAKE IT!!!!   – Anthony D’Ambrosio



I love being a dad because it allows me to share the joys of this world with the young souls who have been put in my care. I love showing them the wonderful mysteries of life that are hidden in our everyday experiences. Teaching them to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Teaching them to be grateful, and helpful, and to embrace being part of a bigger story.  – Justin Allen


OK, so I am one of those Dads Project:Women called on to comment on to tell why I love being a Dad and any advice I would have for new fathers. I can’t imagine going through life without my kids. The joy that they both have brought…I am truly blessed. I have loved experiencing every stage of their lives, and as I look back, it is not necessarily the big things that I remember first. It is the moments in time that were special for no reason…just that they were special. The funny things they said when I was reading a bedtime story, or the little voice that said I love you Dad. That’s what is best about being a Dad.
So that leads me to the advice. Enjoy every moment and every phase. It is natural to want to stop time and keep them just as they are, but those become special memories and look forward to the next phase where I promise you, you will want to freeze time at that phase too. Don’t think by sharing only the “big things” that you have succeeded as a Dad. You have to share the every day moments…those moments that you will remember with a smile years later. So every phase of their lives is a new set of precious memories….look forward to them and experience them.

I love you Jamie and Jeremy. Thank you for the beautiful moments, the precious memories, and for letting me be your Dad.  – Jim Bullock


I absolutely love being the father of my daughter and son. They are one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, or hope to receive, from the day of their birth until right now. I love to hear their voices on the phone from far, far away, saying, “Hi dad!” or “Hello fahthah!” I  love to hear the stories they have to tell of challenge and resilience, of sadness and joy, of frustration and fulfillment. I love the courage they show in following their dreams through all the ups and downs. I love their love of performance and art and food and sports and dogs. What I have loved best is being with them. I have cherished every season along the way, from stroller rides to baby steps, from the first day at preschool to the first day at college, from children’s theater to college musicals to national commercials, from high school basketball to intramurals to sports marketing. And now, to New Orleans, Atlanta, Oklahoma, and who knows where else? When you relax and enjoy the ride, being a dad is a rich and rewarding experience.

And that’s my main advice to all you dads out there. Relax and enjoy these wonderful human beings in your life. Love them with all your heart. Share your wisdom. You are one of the most important persons in their lives . . . and that’s not just when they’re kids. It’s for life!
So carpe diem, gentlemen!   – Richard Wilkerson


Thank you, thank you to all the amazing dads who shared with us.  We love you!!!



Artwork by Leo Claret & Alessandra Saddock

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