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Monday Menagerie #1

We are starting a new feature here at Project:Women– the Monday Menagerie.

Every day we find so much great stuff out there– articles, videos, images, stories, bits and pieces of brilliance– and we wanted a way to share those discoveries in a concise and convenient way on the blog.  So each week I’ll publish this compilation of the things that made our ears prick up, our minds take note, and our eyes sparkle; a cherry-picked basketful of goodness to get your week going!

Mother Nature is Speaking

This is the best short video I’ve seen all year (in any category).  I had chills watching it, and was saying in my head “Yes!  Hell yes!!!!”  I have never liked that over-used, empty phrase “let’s save the world”, and I can’t say just how refreshing and uplifting this take on Earth consciousness is… it feels genuinely empowering.  And the voice of Julia Roberts delivers this so beautifully, and with so much STRENGTH.

(shared by Sara Godwin D’Ambrosio & Jamie Bullock)

Good dot is

image via

We Need to Stop Saying “Babies Ruin Bodies”

Because mothers’ bodies are what they are… beautiful in their imperfections.

One of the best interviews I’ve heard in a while.  Maria Popova, creator of Brain Pickings, (my new favorite website after listening to this interview) shares her profound and powerfully articulate thoughts about life to Krista Tippet of the radio show On Being.

Mom Settles Once and For All Why We Never Get Anything Done.

The reality of trying to clean a house with a toddler around.  This had me laughing!  (And if you have one, you know it’s true.)

image via

image via

Seattle Craigslist:  Yoga Mat For Sale, Used Once – $1

My sweet cousin Kiara Tona sent me this piece the other day, and it had me laughing out loud repeatedly (while sitting in a public place).  It’s not really about women at all, but it made me laugh so much I had to share.

Painting: Karin Mamma Anderson's About A Girl (2005)

Painting: Karin Mamma Andersson’s About A Girl (2005)

The Women are Emailing

This article, from the lovely blog Discotheque Confusion, is just a great read that had me feeling very women-connectivity-good vibes-ey, and also introduced me to the intelligently outspoken young woman Durga Chew-Bose.

(Found via Miss Moss)


A documentary about the great, the inimitable Iris Apfel.  I can’t wait to see this!

(thank you Elizabeth Davis for sharing!)

Herself dot com

Screenshot via


A collection of some of the most frank and unedited women’s interviews (along with equally frank portraits of said women) that I have seen.  Truly lovely.

(shared by Kristin T)

NPR dot org_photo by_Nikayla Shodeen

Photo by Nikayla Shodeen via

Women Fight Their Way Through Army’s Grueling Ranger School

“At Georgia’s Fort Benning, female soldiers are… trying to make history by becoming the first women to graduate from it.”

(shared by Brittany Wilkerson)

“Evolution of Mom Dancing Part 2”

So cute.  (and, I just love Michelle Obama!!)

Chef Cristeta

Chef Cristeta “Cris” Comerford prepares a meal inside the White House kitchen July 17, 2002 in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Tina Hager/White House via Getty Images)

Chef Cristeta Comerford, the first woman to become executive chef in the White House.

Fascinating!  I never even knew about this woman until now.

(shared by Brittany W)

art by Wendy MacNaughton

art by Wendy MacNaughton

Nellie Bly & What to Pack to Travel the World

A few weeks ago, the great American female journalist Nellie Bly was featured as a Google doodle.  I kept meaning to read about her, but you know how it goes… we get busy and forget.  Then I came upon this great little illustration (above), by Wendy MacNaughton, and fell into her story through this piece written by Maria Popova.

“On the morning of November 14, 1889, Nellie Bly, an audacious newspaper reporter, set out to outpace Verne’s fictional itinerary by circumnavigating the globe in seventy-five days, thus setting the real-world record for the fastest trip around the world.”

Eleanor Macnair_photographsrenderedinplaydoh

Photos Rendered in Play-Doh

Art-world woman Eleanor Macnair uses Play-Doh to re-create paintings and photographs by other artists.   It’s meant to bring awareness to the originals she is honoring, but her work is playfully wonderful on its own.  Read about it in the article from Slate.

See all images on her Tumblr:

Elora Hardy – Magical Houses, Sustainable Bamboo

Meet the woman building stunning sustainable structures from bamboo.

Whether or not you care much about architecture, this will inspire you.  By the end of it I had that feeling like tears coming up, because it made me feel so happy that this woman exists, that she is out there doing this work.  For me, it is a reminder that beautiful things are happening all over the world, every day.

(shared by Jamie B.)

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    UMMM, can I just say.. AMAZING idea to put these up on Monday because I come back to some of these sights through the week! LOVE LOVE LOVE this weeks Menagerie 😀


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