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May for Mothers

We are dedicating the month of May to mothers, and to kick things off we ask you our question of the month:  

“What advice would you give to a new mother?”

Are you a mother and would love to share some advice?  We want to hear it!  Post your written comments here on the blog, or post them on our Facebook page, or send in a video of yourself with your fabulous mama advice!  We can’t wait to hear all the words of wisdom you have to share.

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Writer, mother, business owner, and amateur photographer (aren't we all these days?) I love learning how people think about life, what drives us, and what makes us feel alive.


  1. Michelle Kestenbaum says

    My advice to any new Mother, is don’t put to much pressure on yourself to be “the best mom”. You get a lot of advice when you are about to have a baby. How to get them to eat, sleep. What blankets to use. All the rules of what “not to do”, compared to when our mothers raised us. There’s a lot to think about & then on top of all the advice, you are trying to keep this small person alive. I felt an overwhelming amount of pressure to breastfeed when my son was born. I was seriously stressed out & was having a too many breakdowns. I LISTENED to one wonderful piece of advice from my sweet loving cousin. She said, ” I feel like you are so stressed out, that your missing out on your baby”. She was 100% right. As soon as I accepted that I was who I was (my body, my state of mind) my attitude totally changed. I wasn’t able to breastfeed, but my amazing 2 year old son, is a happy, healthy little boy, who is loved & eats like a champ!!! Sometimes you need to say, ” It’s ok” & move on! The things that happen next will amaze you.


    • Tara T says

      Yes.. Truly powerful thoughts. We receive SO much outside influence when we are pregnant and after baby arrives that it can feel overwhelming to try and process it all! But in the end, instinct and intuition will always be our best guidance. Thank you for sharing this Michelle!


  2. Ah, Michelle I love this comment! You are so right!
    That is exactly what I needed to hear this morning.. I am trying to clean, fold laundry, prepare dinner and I find myself getting frustrated with my kids because I can’t get everything done.. and this is an “EARTH TO MOM” moment.. I won’t remember what laundry I was folding or what we are eating for dinner five years from now. BUT I will remember my kids and the things we do together. Thank you for reminding me to stop being so stressed out that I miss out on my kids. Love love love this advice!


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