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Listen: Mamma Podcast You Will Love

I wasn’t looking to find a “mommy” podcast, but when I stumbled upon Hillary Frank’s radio show called The Longest Shortest Time, I was hooked from the first listen.  It just gets you.

It’s comforting in that way that only girlfriends can be..  just talking, sharing, opening up.  The honest, real stuff.  But like, the real real stuff.  This show gets into the deep, dark, nitty-gritty parts of having a baby, the parts that are scary or awkward to talk about, but feel real good to get out.

So if you’re a mamma, or about to be one, take a listen.  I think you’ll dig it.

Here’s a few of my favorite episodes so far (and one that pissed me off):

The New You, It’ll Do

If the first story in this episode makes your eyes well up (as it did mine), then the second story might get you laughing.

An excerpt from the second story, from conversation between Hillary, who’s daughter is 5, and Jane Marie:

Hillary:  “…I haven’t gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Still.”

JANE: “Why do you even think of it that way… why would you even talk about yourself like, ‘back to my pre-pregnancy weight?’

Hillary: “because it’s like.. I’m just in this mindset where I’m like, ‘I could still lose those five pounds'”

JANE : “Five years later?  Forget it, who cares?… buy new clothes.”

Hillary: “Ya, I still have the clothes that are sitting there, like just in case..”

JANE:  “Get rid of ’em!  They’re not even cool anymore, they’re from 5 years ago.”


When Are You Gonna Be Normal Again?

Great one that deals a lot with the anxiety that pregnant women and mothers face.  This one hit home with me, because I dealt with severe anxiety and panic attacks (at 3am, night after night) when I was pregnant.  And I’m still constantly in fear that something awful might happen to my daughter.  But guess what?  All moms deal with it!  We are not alone.

Healing After Childbirth

This is the first episode I listened to, and it got me hooked.  It is definitely relatable (and so very comforting) for any woman who has experienced giving birth, and has had to deal with the discomforts of healing afterward.

Rewriting Your Birth Story

Full of good info that will get you thinking. Listen to this one. 

The Missing Chapter to Ina May’s Guide

This episode actually got under my skin.  A lot.  I listened to the whole episode, and at the end I felt that something really big had been missed.  I wondered why there wasn’t more discussion about informing oneself about ALL the aspects of natural childbirth at home or in a birthing center vs. a hospital birth, what a woman will typically face in a hospital birth, what the waterfall of drugs in hospitals does to screw up natural birth, and WAY more information specifically about Pitocin and what it does.  And most importantly, the fact that it’s up to US WOMEN, the pregnant mothers, to inform ourselves of what is likely to face us in childbirth. (There is more than enough information out there to prepare for all of it.)  I was dismayed that Ina May didn’t dig in deeper to these things, and wish she would have addressed head-on the subject of how the environment in which a woman gives birth plays an important role in her birthing outcome (more specifically, how giving birth in a hospital is NOT the same as giving birth in a stand-alone birthing center or at home).  Still, a great show that sparks a much broader conversation.

Artwork of Supermom by Alice Wellinger

Listen to The Longest Shortest Time on their website (or download on Stitcher app for iPhone)



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