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The Women Behind Project:Women

Hello!  This is our introduction video for Project:Women, where we tell you a little about ourselves, how Project:Women got started, and what we want to do here.  Also, we ask you one BIG QUESTION, to get the ball rolling.

The question is…

What is your favorite thing about being a woman?

Comment, share, connect with us!  We want to hear your voice.

PS.  This video was our very first take, and it is twice as long as our “final version” that we shared on our Youtube channel.  But we decided to share this one here because it shows our true selves, silliness, imperfections and all.  And that is what Project:Women is all about.

filmed by Paul Hurley 🙂


  1. Jackie says

    Love the video! So real and you both are just so like-able and relatable:) I’d have to say I also love the nurturing side that comes with being a woman. Even though it can be exhausting, there is nothing better than taking care of your family and friends. Can’t wait to see what’s next on here!:)

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    • Tara T says

      Thank you Jackie!! So thrilled you shared your thoughts with us for our first Big Question!!


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