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Watch: Miu Miu’s “Women’s Tales” Short Films

Take a moment, escape into a dreamy, beautiful, complex world of women…

I can’t recall how I stumbled upon this, but I’m so glad I did.  Women’s Tales is a series of short films brought together by Miuccia Prada.  All are written and directed by women, and feature some truly lovely, talented female actors.

Why I love this collection:   These films make you feel the power, beauty, vulnerability, complexity of women.  They made me both laugh and cry, feel at ease and feel uncomfortable. They are each no more than about 15 minutes long, just long enough to draw you completely into their worlds, but not so long that you have to “find the time” to watch them.  And so much gorgeous fashion!!  Since it’s a film collection by Miuccia, most all of the costumes are from the MiuMiu collection.  Doubly fabulous.

My mini-reviews of each:


The Powder Room still

#1 “The Powder Room”, by Zoe Cassavetes.  Features groovy, retro music, has a slight 80’s vibe.  It’s like a dream, soft and gradual, without any clear point.  Perhaps the point is to feel it, not understand it.  I love that the star is 90’s supermodel Audrey Marnay, and you get to see the fabulous french music producer/model Caroline De Maigret at the end.

Muta still

#2  “Muta”, by Lucrecia Martel.  Strangely bizarre, uncanny… women as insects?  Certainly beautiful ones.

the Woman Dress still

#3  “The Woman Dress” by Giada Colagrande.  Dark and haunting, witchcraft in a post-apocalyptic woman-world?

its getting late still 5 Its getting late still2Its getting late still1Its getting late still4

#4  “It’s Getting Late” by Massy Tadjedin.  LOVE this one.  Features beautiful music.  It’s a peek into the private lives of 4 very different women as they prepare for their evenings out.  I love that each of these women are solo, singular, alone.  Independent.  This film might be my favorite of the whole collection.

Quote from Massy Tadjedin: We make our faces, our suits, our selves just a little more ready for wherever it is we’re going. Fashion is never just the clothes. It’s our mood, our excitement for something, our expectations, our attitudes, our outlooks.

The Door still1

The Door still 2

#5  “The Door” by (the wonderful, amazing) Ava DuVernay.  Also LOVE this one!!  Ahh, maybe this one is my favorite.  It’s visually stunning, the soundtrack is perfection, the whole film gives off a good vibe.  It’s about a woman getting over the loss of her love, with the help of her fabulous friends.  In the end, she takes off her wedding band, puts on a pair of long, black leather gloves, and sashays out of her room in a white crop top and high waist black skirt.  Yup.

Le Donne Della Vucciria still

#6  “Le Donne Della Vucciria”  by Hiam Abbass.  So Italian.  So lively, spirited, and fabulously Italian.  I adore the mannequins.

Spark and Light still

#7  “Spark and Light” by So Yong Kim.  More like a standard feature-length film when it begins, but quickly becomes something else… a dream world.  It’s surprisingly moving.

miranda july somebody still

#8  “Somebody” by Miranda July.  I Heart Miranda July.  Big, giant, hot pink bubble heart!!  This film has her signature wit all over it.  It’s funny and so clever, and the app in the film is actually a real app that you can use.   Although the last sketch with the plant got a little creepy, the rest was delightful.

De Djess still

#9  “De Djess”  by Alice Rohrwacher.  A bit mysterious at first, feels like the start of a 60’s thriller, but then turns into something altogether different–clever and funny.  I love the personification of the dress.  Features one of my favorite Italian actresses, Divina Alba Rohrwacher, and another lovely unknown (to me) face, Giannetti Yanet Mojica.


All images are stills taken from the films.

Watch all the films on the MiuMiu website.

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