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Julianne Moore quote

I finally got to peek at my new Bazaar magazine tonight, a delight I haven’t enjoyed in a while.  Fashion magazines (mainly Bazaar and W) are my guilty pleasure, and I don’t indulge in them as often as I used to.  Which makes those times ever more precious… the quiet, still moments, after baby is tucked away in bed, to just sip a cup of warm tea and be taken away into another land.

The latest issue features a brief piece on the great Julianne Moore, who is just such a fun, talented, cool woman (listen to her interview with Alec Baldwin on his radio show Here’s The Thing– it’s great).

This little part, from the end of the Bazaar interview, really grabbed on to me.

“…Women are fabulous.  I like our camaraderie, our similarities, how we collaborate.  When my daughter was born, I looked at her in the bassinet and I said, ‘You’re one of us.’… I’m going to cry if I think about it too much.  I had this little girl and was like, ‘Yup.  You’re one of us.'”


Can’t wait to watch Still Alice, and any other film she will ever be in. 🙂


Juliannemoore bazaar ap2015

Images (shot with my iPhone) from Bazaar magazine, April 2015 print issue.


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