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Thought of the Week

If you want to be a force for good, then you must expose yourself to the bad.

This thought entered my mind after listening to the news the other morning.  Day after day of absorbing all the disturbing headlines had gotten to me.

I’ve gone through brief fazes before when I simply didn’t read or listen to the news because I had gotten so down about it.  Feeling like, what can I do?  The problems in the world, in our country, in our own cities, are so great and complex that it can feel pointless to even ponder them.  Or at least it can sometimes drag you down into a vortex of negative thoughts.  But here’s the thing…

If you do have a desire, a little flame inside of you burning bright, to make some kind of positive impact on humanity (even if it’s teeny tiny), then in order to do so I think it’s imperative to be aware of the bad in the world.  The negative, unhappy, uncomfortable things that humanity imposes on one another.  Because without being aware, without allowing yourself to feel the pain of others, then how can you know or even hope to understand the actions that are truly needed?

We shouldn’t allow ourselves to assume what is needed.  We have to open our eyes, ears, minds to all of it.  Take it in first, and then act.

image by Yelena Bryksenkova via Gems.

I had someone ask where I found that quote, at the top of the post.  And so wanted to note here that it was written by me 🙂

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