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Listen: “Invisibilia” Best New Podcast by Two Amazing Women.

The truth is I started adoring Lulu Miller and Alix Spiegel long before their seriously great new podcast, Invisibilia, hit the airwaves.

I first heard their voices on Radiolab and This American Life, respectively, and would always perk up when they came on a segment of either show.  They just have a way, a feel… like a comfy, cozy, not-too-serious-yet-highly-intelligent way about them.  And Lulu makes me want to pinch her cheeks right through the darn radio.

Their collective charm, years of scientific reporting, and podcasting prowess are brought to glorious light in Invisibilia.  The topics they have covered so far are brilliant, and frankly so profound that I wonder how it is that these topics aren’t more widely discussed already.  But here these women are, bringing it to us with their strong, playful, feminine voices, talking of things that could shift the polarity of the whole world.  (Or at very least, get us thinking in a groovy new way).

A direct link to their NPR page is HERE. Their podcast is on iTunes and the awesome Stitcher app.

Image via NPR

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