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Karl Lagerfeld’s Feminist Fashionistas

What a fantastic scene…

The spring 2015 runway show by Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel was brought to a close with a rambunctious, glorious gang of models as feminists in mock protest.

Yes, it was only a show.  A high-end fashion show for the elite brand of Chanel.  But come on… it was genius and so much fun!!  And honestly even though it was all done in the name of fashion, it also had a powerful effect.  It brought the current conversation of women’s equality to the fore within the domain of fashion, where typically the focus is on hemlines and it-bags.  And that’s worth something.

From the Chanel News website, this was said of the show:

“…these Chanel women are free-spirited and daring; they progress far beyond mere social norms; they are independent, modern, and active, in the very image of Gabrielle Chanel. …they walk the streets of major cities with long, confident strides.”

I dig it.

Chanel-Spring-2015- via POPSUGAR


chanel via bazaar

Chanel show, Spring Summer 2015, Paris Fashion Week, France - 30 Sep 2014

Photo credits: Top image Getty Images via Bazaar; next image via pop sugar; next image via Bazaar; Bottom image by David Fisher/REX, via TheGuardian.


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